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Visual & Media Arts

CdM's Visual and Media Arts faculty offers a gamut of courses that range from 2D drawing and painting to printmaking, ceramic arts and sculpture, photography, animation, 2D & 3D digital media arts, as well as AP courses in AP Art History, AP Drawing, and AP 2-D Art & Design.

Our PAMA pathway for Visual and Media Arts is known for sending its students to the top arts schools around the nation (and internationally). Our alumni seamlessly transition into professional arts and non-arts related fields, such as the fine arts, museum administration, animation and film, game design, fashion, illustration, law, interior and architectural design, jewelry and costume design for film and theater, photography, engineering, graphic design, theme park design, art conservation, academia, education, and more... 

To enroll in Visual Arts & Media courses, select an introductory course in your area of interest, unless you have experience in the visual and/or media arts and have assembled a portfolio for review. If you have a portfolio and are interested to qualify for a more advanced course, prepare a digital portfolio for yourself (e.g., a Google Drive folder or Weebly site), and then share it with the faculty member (see menu on right) who oversees the area of your focus for them to review your portfolio and recommend you for your next appropriate course. 

Visual Arts

Art history, 2D & 3D drawing and painting, printmaking, jewelry making, ceramics and sculpture, interior and architectural design, animation; AP Art History, AP Drawing, AP 2-D Art & Design

Media Arts

Digital technology-based production and design: graphic design, video, virtual and interface design, animation, stop-motion, sound, imaging, computer rendering for design, web design, game design, creative coding, app design, 3D design, and combinations of 2D and 3D reality; AP 2-D Art and Design 

Contact Us

Jenny Ricks
2D Art 1-3 (MS & HS) 
AP Drawing
AP 2-D Art & Design

Todd Robey
Ceramics & Sculpture (MS & HS)

Vicky Schwarz
2D Art (MS) 
Applied Arts (MS) 

Vanessa D. Valdes
PAMA Advisor
AP Art History
2D Art (MS & HS) 

Cory Gray
Digital Media Arts 
AP 2-D Art & Design