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If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health, please...reach out. If not to us, your School Counselors, please find help somewhere. Below are some helpful links. 

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Counselors Corner

Test Anxiety Resource for Parents

Anxiety life hacks

Teen Vaping Resources for PArents

Vaping is dangerous. E-Cigs are readily available. Check out this article on the health risks of Vaping. Please click photo for link to info. Vaping

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Sherry Martinez M.S.PPS

School Counselor 

Last names A-Q

As the newest member of the Triton family this year, I am honored to be here. Raised in Texas, I started off in a small surf town on the Gulf of Mexico, and over time, gradually moved toward the big city, living in San Antonio and Austin for much of my adult life. In 2012, I moved from Central Texas with my husband and 3 kids and ventured to Maui, HI where I took a position as an Educational Assistant at a local charter school. It was there that I found my calling as a School Counselor. In 2015, I moved to Costa Mesa, CA. In 2018, all in one week, 1 child graduated from Portland State University, I graduated from Capella University with my M.S in School Counseling and another child graduated from NHHS! (What a whirlwind of a week that was). It's my 2nd year here as a Triton and I am proud to say "Once a Triton, always a Triton." I enjoy working with our kids and families and I look forward to many more to come. 

It is of utmost importance to me that I work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators to ensure a student is provided an educational experience that supports a quality education and has equal opportunities for all. I truly believe that providing students with a solid support system as well as a strong foundation in education can impact their future in a positive manner. I will always work to be a “path finder” not a “gatekeeper” with students. 


Parental Help for Defiant Teenagers

Is your teenager violent, depressed, abusing alcohol or drugs, or facing other problems? Here’s how to ease the stress at home and help your teen transition into a happy, successful adult. Please click "Help Guide" below. 


Talking to Teens

We know that talking to your teenage child may be daunting at times. Here's a resource that can help:

                              Talking to Teens

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Ariana Garcia M.A. PPS

School Counselor

Last names R-Z

I am proud to be a Corona del Mar Triton! This is my 17th year as a School Counselor! I worked as a counselor for 4 years and as an Assistant Principal for 3 years. My husband and I and our baby girl moved to Costa Mesa in 2007 and that is when I started at NMUSD as an Assistant Principal at TeWinkle Middle School. After much deliberation, a year later I returned to doing what I love best, being a School Counselor. This is when I started to plant my roots at CdM. I was a high school counselor here and during those years, I had 2 more children. Being a mother of 3 children and working, I made another tough decision, and decided to take a leave of absence to focus on my family. During my time at home, we had a baby girl and that made our family of 6! After 2 years of being home and caring for my family, I returned to work as a middle school counselor with Irvine USD and realized my calling to help middle school students. I moved to CdMMS in 2019 and feel I am back at home! I enjoy helping your children and being their advocate at school. I look forward to many more years as a Triton!

I truly believe that every student can learn, grow and achieve. Every student is entitled to the services of a professional School Counselor. In addition, effective school counseling is a collaborative process that involves School Counselors, teacher, parents, administrators and community leaders to assist students in reaching their fullest potential. I am an advocate for your child and am here to help them academically, social-emotionally and to help them explore options for their future. My door is always open!