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Naviance Log In

After using the Naviance Log In above, click on Login with Google. Then use your Google username and password to log in. 

Naviance is an electronic college data management system used by our counseling department to keep track of CdM student data including student GPAs, standardized test scores, college choices, colleges applications information and a personality and career assessment. CdM students are registered and trained on the Naviance Family Connection for access to their personal site which includes general college information, electronic college search tools and anonymous college data from past CDM graduates. The college data in Family Connection allows a student to search for the right individual college matches. 

Family Connection can also be used to store a personal game plan, a list of possible careers and majors, a resume, a list of colleges a student is considering, a list of colleges to which he/she is applying, college application tasks, and application results. This is private information that can only be accessed by the student, parents or the counseling department. Students can also be contacted by e-mail about college visits, deadlines, surveys and other pertinent college information from the counseling department. 

To access a Family Connection student site a student must have been registered during a computer lab Naviance training lesson or by their guidance counselor. The student can then log onto Naviance using their user name and password.

  • Username: Student ID Number (example:
  • Password: CDM Computer Login Password

If a student has changed an email address or forgotten a password, see your counselor.

If you were unable to attend one of our Parent Naviance Trainings, we've got you covered. Follow this presentation to see what was covered.  This is a great tool for parents to see how their students are progressing through the college search/application process.