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Fall 2021 Course Selection Is Now Open For Current Students!

New College Admissions Process Video

4 Year Academic Planning - Registration - Class of 2024

Rising Sophomore Course Selection Information

Rising Juniors Course Selection Information

Rising Senior Course Selection Information

Course Prerequisites Form 2021-2022

AP Informational Meeting Schedule 2021-2022

A-G Course List

CSU-UC-A-G-Comparison Matrix

Graduation and A-G Requirements

Step #1: Select your course requests

9th Grade Course Selection Guide (Aeries course selection window open from:  3/15/21 - 3/28/21)

10th Grade Course Selection Guide (Aeries course selection window open from:  3/8/21- 3/14/21)

11th Grade Course Selection Guide (Aeries course selection window open from:  2/8/21 - 2/21/21)

12th Grade Course Selection Guide (Aeries course selection window open from:  1/25/21 - 1/31/21)

Step #2: Watch the Aeries video (see below)

Fall 2021 Course Selection Video

Step #3: Log in to Aeries Portal (see below)

Aeries Portal Login

Contact Information

High School Counselors
Mrs. Rybaczyk (Last Names A-Dav) -
Mr. Oyas (Last Names Daw-Hol) -
Mrs. Madden (Last Names Hom-Moa) -    Mrs. Madden’s Virtual Counseling office
Mrs. Reid (Last Names Mob-Sev) -
Mrs. Nyeholt (Last Names Sew-Z) -

Middle School Counselors
Mrs. Martinez (Last Names A-Q) -
Mrs. Garcia (Last Names R-Z) - 

College and Career Programs Coordinator
Mary Russell -

Counseling Secretary
Ms. Shannon -

Registrar/Records Office
Mrs. Zamora - 

Parent FAQ's

At CdM, counselors often answer questions about advanced classes, college and career preparation, hiring a college counselor, and how do we support students.  In lieu of the Coffee with Counselors event we had schedule with PTA in the Spring of 2020, we decided to record our answers to some of these "hot topics."  

Counselors answer FAQs, May 2020

The video refers to a project from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Turning the Tide and Turning the Tide 2. Here are links to those reports:

Turning the Tide (original, 2016)

Turning the Tide 2 (2019)

Turning the Tide Video

College Packets of Letters of Recommendation (Incoming Senior Info)

The video below is for incoming seniors only. During the video, counselors go over what is needed for the counselor college packets. This includes the documents you need, where to turn it in, and when the deadlines are. They also discuss teacher letters of recommendation. Please contact your counselor directly if you do not have your counselor's Google Classroom class code. 

College Packets for Letters of Recommendation YouTube Video

Naviance Log In

After using the Naviance Log In above, click on Login with Google. Then use your Google username and password to log in. 

How to Print Your Unofficial Transcript Using Aeries Portal Login

Your username email is your student ID # (example:

Click on sign in with Google, then click Next 

Your password is your network login ID used to get on the computers at school. If you do not know your network login ID, please see Mary Russell in the Learning Resource Center (LRC).   

  • Step #3: Click on the Grades tab, then click on Transcripts  
  • Step #4: Print your unofficial transcript   

It can be used for your teacher/counselor college packet or anything else requiring an unofficial transcript.