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1st Quarter

  Boys Volleyball

  Girls Basketball


2nd Quarter

  Boys Basketball

  Girls Volleyball


3rd Quarter

  Boys Soccer

  Girls Soccer


4th Quarter

  Boys Track

  Girls Track

New to Middle School Important Information

How to use Schoology

Schoology is the new learning platform used at CdM this 20-21 school year. For information on how to create your schoology account, please see the Parent handbook. Parent Schoology Handbook  

New Student Information

There are several steps to enroll you child with NMUSD. Please visit our Welcome Center to follow the enrollment process. 

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School year is expected to open in May. Please continue to check the Karen Kendall Welcome Center for more details. 

CdM Logo

Welcome to CdM Middle School Student INFO Page

Here are some Websites you should visit:


-Principal's Message                  
-NMUSD Home Page  
-Activities Eligibility  
-Attendance Policy