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New to Middle School Important Information

2023-24 6th grade parent night

Parent Night Information

6th grade parent night is April 27th @ 6pm in the CdM Learning Resource Center.

This presentation will be hosted by Dr. Gogel, Mr. Perry. Mrs. Grint and Mrs. Martinez. It will highlight the transition to middle school and all the attributes that go along with your child becoming a middle school students. Q&A at the end.  Please see our Flyer for info

Parent Night

2023-24 6th grade rally information

Rally Information

6th grade rally takes place during the day at our Gym here on campus. It's a showcase of the activities, electives and other exciting things we do at CdMMS. It is run by our ASB student organization and there will be performances by our band, choir and world language department.  Please see our Flyer for more information

All feeder schools will join us. STUDENTS ONLY 

6th Grade Rally

New Student Enrollment

Please follow this link to New Student Enrollment for NMUSD schools.

USeful information for logging into schoology & aeries

For any Google logins, chromebook, or school computer, use

Password is the same for both types of Login: Whateveryourpasswordis

Classlink Login is your ID number only: yourIDnumber 

social Media 101

Social Media 101