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All Inclusive Middle School World Languages

Our new program is designed specifically for all middle school students who want to get an early start on acquiring a second language. Students begin their language studies in 7th grade with a year-long sampler of World Language courses (French and Spanish), and continue a single language course of study in the 8th grade (equivalent to a high school level 1 class).  Middle school students who successfully complete the program begin 9th grade in a Level 2 high school course. 

  • NEW!!! NO application or readiness test required prior to enrollment.  

World Languages

Course of Study, MIDDLE SCHOOL

SPANISH [sample course of study beginning in 7th Grade]                        

  • 7th: Spanish 7AB           
  • 8th: Spanish 8CD
  • 9th: Spanish 2
  • 10th: Spanish 3
  • 11th: Spanish 4 or AP Spanish Language
  • 12th AP Spanish Literature

French [sample course of study beginning in 7th Grade]  

  • 7th: French 7AB
  • 8th: French 8CD
  • 9th: French 2
  • 10th: French 3 
  • 11th: AP French

 ASL (American Sign)

  • Not offered until High School

INCOMING students (students NEW to CdM) who are trying to place into a level 2 class or higher in Spanish or French, or for current CdM students not currently enrolled in a language, who are looking to begin a course of study above Level 1. Languages Placement Testing will be given on Tuesday, May 23rd from 2:00-4:00pm. Students should come to the Main HS office.  They will wait to be taken over to the testing location as a group. Testing starts at 2:00pm. Lasts 45 min - 1 hour.  For ASL students unsure about placement, they can contact Tammy Owney directly.

Please bring a #2 pencil. (NO TEST NECESSARY FOR LEVEL 1 courses.)  Please contact Ms. Ramirez at to let us know you will be attending, what level you are testing into, or if you have any questions!