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Attendance Policy

ATTENDANCE LINE: (949) 515-6005 (voicemail available 24/7)
FAX NUMBER: (949) 515-6070


             o  Call Attendance Line at (949) 515-6005 before, on the day of,                      or up to 72 hours after the absence.
                    Include: Student’s first and last name (spelled out), date of                          absence, reason for absence, student ID, grade and                                      parent/guardian contact phone number.
             o  Write a note that either parent or student can drop-off at the                   Attendance Office before, on the day of, or up to 72 hours                         after the absence.
                     Include: Student’s first and last name, date of absence,                              reason for absence, student ID, grade, parent/guardian                              signature, and parent/guardian contact phone number.
             o  Submit by fax at (949) 515-6070 or in-person a                                             medical/dental note before, on the day of, or up to 72 hours                     after the absence.
                     Include: Student’s first and last name, date of absence,                              and reason for absence on medical or dental stationary                              that includes the practice name, address, and phone                                    number.
                              • Medical or dental notes from family members can be                                   used to verify absences, but not to excuse absences.
             o  Arriving late - Any student that arrives late to school needs                        to check-in with the Attendance Office to obtain a                                        tardy/absence re-admit slip before going to class.
                       Call Attendance Line at (949) 515-6005 on the day of or                            up to 72 hours after the date of the tardy.
                            • Include: Student’s first and last name (spelled out),                                      date of tardy, reason for tardy, student ID, grade, and                                  parent/guardian contact phone number.
                       Write a note that student can turn in when they check-                              in with the Attendance Office.
                              • Include: Student’s first and last name, date of tardy,                                    reason for tardy, student ID, grade, parent/guardian                                    signature, and parent/guardian contact phone                                              number.
                        Submit by fax at (949) 515-6070 or in-person a                                            medical/dental note on the day of or up to 72 hours after                            the absence.
                              •  Include: Student’s first and last name, date of                                                absence, and reason for absence on medical or                                            dental stationary that includes the practice name,                                       address, and phone number.
                               Medical or dental notes from family members can be                                    used to verify absences, but not to excuse absences.
              o   Leaving early – Any student that needs to leave campus for                       any reason throughout the school day needs to properly                             check-out before leaving. Not checking out properly will                             result in the student being marked truant in their classes.
                        Write a note that the student can turn in to the                                             Attendance Office on the day that the student needs to                               leave early and obtain an off-campus permit to leave.
                                 •  Include: Student’s first and last name, date, time                                          that they need to be released from school, reason                                        for leaving early, student ID, grade,                                                                    parent/guardian signature, and parent/guardian                                            contact phone number.
                        Sign student out at the Attendance Office. Please allow                             10 – 15 minutes to allow a student aide to deliver a call                               slip requesting that your student be released from class                             as classrooms will not be called to have to students                                     released.
                        Release from health office – If a student becomes ill or                             injured during the school day, the student must check-                               out through the health office to be excused from school.
                        A parent phone call to verify a student absence after                             they have left campus in the middle of the school                                  day without checking-out will not excuse an absence.


             1. Parents/guardians must verify an absence prior to, on the day                   of, or within 72 hours from the date of each individual                                 absence date (i.e. verification must be received by 3 PM on                         Thursday if the absence occurred on Monday of that same                         week). Failure to verify a student’s absence within 72                             hours will result in a student being marked truant and no                   changes are able to be made to the attendance records                      thereafter.
             2. A written note, phone call, voicemail, or medical/dental note                     can be submitted from a parent/guardian or medical/dental                       professional to verify an absence.

            3. Documentation may be requested/required to verify an                              absence.
            4. Information needed to verify an absence:
                       a. Student’s name
                       b. Student’s grade
                       c. Student’s ID
                       d. Date of absence and time if the student is gone for part                             of the day.
                       e. Reason for absence
                       f. Signature of the parent/guardian with a current contact                              phone number.
             5. E-mails are no longer accepted as they have been                                         compromised and deemed unreliable.
             6. Students absent due to illness for 3 or more consecutive                      school days must provide verification from a licensed                            medical or dental professional.
             7. In accordance with School Board Policy, when a student                       has missed 10 full days (or periods adding up to 10 full                         days) within a school-year due to illness, the school will                       require medical or dental verification to excuse further                       absences.

     *Verifying an absence at the Attendance Office is not an excuse for          being late to class. Students who arrive late to class are not                        guaranteed to be marked tardy by their teacher, but may be marked        absent if they do not check-in with the Attendance Office before                going to class.

     *Student attendance is taken every day in every class and students          are required by law to be in class and on time.

Students who have a partial day absence are required to communicate with their teachers re: assignments due that day, assessments given that day (either before they leave or after they return to campus). Failure to comply may result in a zero on work previously assigned with a respective absence due date, or a respective pre-planned quiz, test, lab etc.

         •   Excused Absences:
                 o   Examples of verified excused absences (not limited to) are                           illness, doctor/dentist appointments, physical therapy,                                 observance of religious holidays, funerals, bereavement,                             court appearances, school field trips or events including                             school sporting events per the California Education Code.                           Documentation may be required for an absence to be                            excused.

           •   Unexcused Absences:
                  o   Examples include college visits, vacation, over-sleeping,                               car trouble, driver’s test, out-of-town visitors, weddings,                                missed the bus, personal/business reasons, out of gas, or                          traffic citations.
                   o   Unexcused absences are absences that have been                                        verified by a parent or guardian within 72 hours but is not                           considered an excused absence per California Board of                               Education. These absences may result in possible loss of                             opportunity to make up missed work at the discretion of                             the teacher.
                   o   Excessive non-medical absences will result in a meeting                              with administration.

               *College Visits:
                 •     Students should plan their college visits around school                                breaks:
                             o Winter Break
                             o President’s Recess
                             o Spring Break
                             o Summer Break
                 •       All college visits during the school week will be verified                                unexcused absences.

            •   Truancies:
                  o   Student absences that are not verified within 72 hours                               from the date of each absence will be marked truant.
                  o   Students that leave campus without properly checking out                         of school will be marked truant in the classes that follow                             the time they left campus.
                   o   Students that impersonate their parents in notes or                                    voicemails or attempt to verify their own absences will be                          marked truant and may incur other disciplinary actions.
                   o   These absences will result in loss of opportunity to make-                          up missed work and/or receive a 0 on missed                                                assignments, quizzes, and tests.


             •    Verified excused absences - Students shall be allowed to                          complete all assignments and tests missed during a verified                      excused absence or while on an independent study contract                      (per board policy). Students have one calendar/school day,                         per day missed, to get their work turned in.
              •   Verified unexcused absences – The ability to make up                               assignments missed is at the sole discretion of the teacher.                       Refer to teacher syllabus for additional information.
              •   Unverified Absences/Truancies – Students will not be                              allowed to make-up missed work and/or will receive a 0 on                        assignments, quizzes, and tests.                                                                    •   Suspension - Suspended students must work with their                              teachers to complete missing work; teachers do not (per Ed.                      Code) have to allow make-up work during a suspension.

Corona del Mar Unverified Absence Policy & Pre-determined Progressive Interventions                                                                                 
L.O.P. = Loss of Privileges include but not limited to: dances, rallies, field trips, special events, sports, parking passes, AP course registration etc.

S.A.R.B. = Student Attendance Review Board. Comprised of the Director of Student Services, the Coordinator of Student Services, a social worker, a board member and an administrator, the group meets with the family at the NBPD or CMPD to address chronic absenteeism.

Forgery Policy

Forged or altered notes, forged parent signatures on school documents, readmits, call slips, off campus passes, or fraudulent phone calls to the Attendance Office will result in suspension, or other consequences per administrative discretion.

Automatic Dialer

The district automatic dialer program attempts to call home and notify parents of unexcused absences. The automatic dialer is programmed to call the home of any student who has an unverified absence between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Calls are made every day but often parents cannot be reached and messages are left on answering machines or voicemail. Parents are responsible if students pick up messages and fail to pass the message to a parent in a timely fashion. If you feel the absence was in error, please have your student contact the teacher directly or go to the Attendance Office for an attendance printout.

 Agreement for Students 18 years of Age

Students who are 18 years old may be allowed to excuse their own absences. A parent/guardian and the 18 year old student must sign a release form in the presence of an administrator.

Delivering Message or Personal Items

Since it is our desire to maintain a learning environment that is uninterrupted, the Attendance Office will not deliver items or messages to students in non-emergency situations. Students are responsible for bringing everything they may need at the start of the school day. This includes homework assignments, study materials, uniforms, athletic equipment, and lunches. We do not relay phone messages to students except in the case of an emergency. Please remind the students of doctor and other appointments and transportation arrangements before the student leaves home in the morning. We appreciate your understanding that instructional time should not be interrupted.