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Monte Vista

The primary mode of instruction is independent study and students complete most of their schoolwork off campus. Students complete one class monthly and must plan to be on campus up to 3-4 hours weekly to work in the computer lab and meet with teachers. 

Entrance Requirement: Enrollment is completely voluntary, and students must read at sixth grade level or above to enter. Students are mostly in the 11th-12th grades, occasional exceptions made for special circumstances. Students are employed and must need a good reason to attend independent study. Students can be enrolled in RSP with an IEP, but they must be on-track with credits, must have passed the CAHSEE and Monte Vista prefers students with good attendance and discipline.

Referral: Referrals from the Office of Student Services or AP/counselor at current school. Referral must include transcript, discipline and attendance (and IEP if special ed). Referrals sent to intake counselor at Monte Vista, then passed on to principal at Monte Vista. Additionally, the student needs to complete a work verification form or bring in a short note from their employer detailing their hours. 

Concurrent:  Same as Back Bay. Students from other schools wanting to do concurrent at Monte Vista may do so with permission from the Monte Vista counselor and home school, but ONLY if it's something they can't get elsewhere.  Monte Vista should be the last resort.  

School Structure:  One day a week for 2 hours minimum, homework packets (as much as 20+ hours per week), one  core academic class at a time, 3-5 weeks to complete a class. Classes are available morning or afternoon.

Credits: Students can earn 5 credits per semester course, electives are taken concurrently.  

Transportation:  OCTA has several bus stops within walking distance. For complete bus routes check out Orange County Transit Authority. 

Co-Curriculars: Currently there are no sports offered at Back Bay. They do offer work experience (completed as independent study), and a student run ASB.

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