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Back Bay

The continuation school for NMUSD offers at-risk students a shortened school day, small classes, and instruction based on their individual level of ability. Back Bay is open entry/exit and students complete classes at their own pace. Technology is integrated into all classes. 

Entrance Requirement: Age 15+, deficient in credits (no minimum requirement), RSP accepted with proper IEP (no Special Day).

Referral Process: Referrals from the Office of Student Services or AP/counselor at current school. Referral must include transcript, discipline and attendance (and IEP if special ed). Referrals sent to intake counselor at Back Bay, then passed on to principal at Back Bay. 

Concurrent: Students from other schools wanting to do concurrent courses at Back Bay may do so with permission from the principal of Back Bay and their home school.

School Structure: The school day is from 8:30am to 2pm, 5 periods per school day.

Credits: Credits are earned on a trimester basis (60 days in a trimester), 5 credits per trimester for a completed class. During a full year at Back Bay a student can earn up to 75 credits vs. 60 at a comprehensive school. 

Transportation: OCTA has several bus stops within walking distance.  

Co-Curriculars: Currently there are no sports offered at Back Bay. They do offer work experience (completed as independent study), and a student run ASB.

Contact Us

390 Monte Vista Dr
Newport Beach 92672