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College Packets/Letters of Recommendation

  • College Packet (Schoology Course) & SchooLinks
    • STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE ALL ITEMS IN SCHOOLINKS (SchooLinks is accessible via ClassLinks)  Click ClassLink Guide for information on logging into ClassLinks.
    • Parents/Guardians please review SchooLinks with your student, AND Onboard. 
    • Parents/Guardians click SchooLinks  for more information on SchooLinks including the SchooLinks Guide:  Onboarding for Guardians.
    • Schoology – Students have access to their Counselors College Packet via Schoolgy.
    • College Packet & SchooLinks Check list, click Senior Course Registration/College Packet & SchooLinks

College letters of recommendation are a very important part of the college admissions selection process. Some colleges have early decision or priority deadlines of November 1st. Many regular decision deadlines are December 1st and then generally the final deadlines are January 15th.  Each student is responsible for meeting their College Application deadlines.  

  • If you are applying to a UC and/or CSU campus, all applications are due by November 30th, however, letter of recommendations are not required. They may request transcripts. Please check individual UC/CSU websites for more information.  All UC/CSU applications are completed on their websites. 


Letters of Recommendation from Teachers.  You will request these via SchooLinks, but you can not request until the new school year begins.  Click Requesting Common App Teacher Evaluations (Letters of Recommendation for information  

DEADLINES: Talk to your Teachers NOW and ask them to write you a LOR, if they need documentation from you, use the Student Information Sheet below.  Teachers need 4 WEEKS notice prior to the earliest application deadlines to complete your letter of recommendation.

If you are planning to apply either Early Action/Early Decision, these dates must be entered in SchooLinks.  

Important Deadlines to Remember

September 30

Must be into Teachers for Early Action/Early Decisions

November 10

Must be into Teachers for December 15th deadlines

November 15

Must be into Teachers for January 1st or later deadlines

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:  (All Documents must be submitted via Schoology)

  • Teacher Recommendation - Student Information Sheet - 
    • Your Teacher also can view your Resume/Profile in SchooLinks
  • Teacher College List - Teachers can view this in SchooLinks


DEADLINES: We will be accepting Counselor College packets starting September 1. Counselors need your college packet completed and reviewed 4 WEEKS prior to your earliest college application deadline to complete your letter of recommendation on time. Early Action/Early Decision November 1, deadlines require packets to be turned in by Sept. 30.

Counselor College Packet Check List 

Important Deadlines to Remember

 September 1

Counselors start accepting College Packets - All items must be completed in SchooLinks and Common App connected, with application dates.

 September 30

Packets Must be into Counselor for Early Action/Early Decisions

 November 10

Packets Must be into Counselor for December 15th deadlines

 November 15 

Packets Must be into Counselor for January 1st  or later deadlines

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:  (All Documents must be completed on SchooLinks)

  • Counselor College List - Must be on SchooLinks - And Common APP Connected
  • Counselor Student Questionnaire - Complete on your Counselors Schoology College Packet
  • Counselor Parent/Guardian Questionnaire - Complete on your Counselors Schoology College Packet
  • Resume - Must be Completed on SchooLinks