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High School Options to Remediate a “D” or an “F”

Note: You CANNOT remediate a C  

1. Students may remediate a class during the regular school year if there is space available. If a student is remediating a D, they will not earn additional credits. The previous grade will remain on the transcript; however the new grade will be computed in your GPA.  

2. Students may take the class over during summer school. Sign up early because you're not guaranteed a spot, it is based on grade level priority and who signs up first. Counselors will advise students on appropriate classes to take over summer school; however it’s the student/parent’s responsibility to register for the class. Summer school enrollment is online and begins in April.  

3. Student's who are a junior or a senior and received an F may take the class over at Adult Education. Sign up with your counselor. These classes are not UC approved and do not meet college requirements, they only graduation requirements. A deposit will be required for the book.  

4. Students may take an equivalent course at a California Community College, CSU, or UC school. You must see your counselor to get approval before signing up for the class. One semester of a college class may only remediate one semester grade of a high school class, not the full year. Example: If a student received a D in both semesters of high school Algebra and then took college Algebra and received an A, the student would only be able to replace one semester grade of the high school Algebra. However, most colleges will accept the college Algebra class as meeting the Algebra admission requirements.  

5. Students may take an online high school course through Orange Lutheran High School Online.  See your counselor before signing up to get an approval form and find out which classes are UC approved. After speaking with your counselor, contact Cindy at 714-282-4679 to sign up for the course. Courses cost $300 plus a $50 application fee and the cost of books.  

6. If a student takes a class at a private college (Ex: BYU or online courses), they will NOT be able to bring it onto their high school trancript. However, they could still send their college transcript separately to the universities they apply to. If you plan on doing this, best practice is to call the colleges you plan on applying to and make sure that they will accept the class before you take it.  

7.  Board Policy/AR 5121 states:  Repeating a Course – With the approval of the principal or designee, a student may repeat a course in order to raise his/her grade.  Both grades received shall be entered on the student’s transcript, but the student shall receive credit only once for taking the course.  Only the highest grade received shall be used in determining the student’s overall grade point average.