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Attendance Policy

Attendance Boundary Map

Attendance Office Hours:  7AM-4PM

Attendance Line: (leave voicemail 24/7): (949) 515-6005

FAX: (949) 515-6070

Procedure for Verifying Absences (Full Day/Partial Day):

Parents should verify for each day of the absence.


Parents should notify the Attendance Office within 72 hours of the absence with the student’s name, date of absence, and reason for the absence or else the student is considered truant.  If a reason is not given, the absence is automatically unexcused.  Written notice should be signed by the parent and have the parent’s phone number in case the note needs to be verified.  There are 3 ways to notify the office:

  1. The parent leaves voicemail on the 24/7 line (949) 515-6005, or
  2. The parent faxes a signed note to (949) 515-6070, or
  3. The parent’s signed note is brought to the Attendance Office by the student or parent. 

Arriving Late

Student should come to the Attendance Office upon late arrival and get a tardy slip to take to class.  Parents should notify the Attendance Office for the partial absence (see Absences section above).

Leaving Early

A student can be released early by one of the methods below without being considered truant, and verification is accomplished.  Due to the volume of voicemails received on the Attendance message line, voicemail is not a timely method for notifying the office in advance for early release.  We may not hear your message before you need your student released.

  1. The parent signs out the student at the Attendance Office and the student is released from class at that time, or
  2. The parent’s permission is received in advance of the early release time.  The parent can give the student a signed note stating the time, date and reason for early release.  The student should give this note to the Attendance Office during a break (before school starts or during lunch) in order to get a pass.  Notes may be verified by a phone call to the parent.
  3. For illness the student should go to the Health Office, and the staff can then determine whether the parent needs to be called for early release.

Excused Absences

Some examples of excused absences include illness (with limits), health appointments (with limits), religious holidays, funerals (with limits), court appearances (with documentation), and school-sponsored events. 

Regarding illness and health appointments: Documentation by a health professional must be provided to excuse any illness lasting 3 days or longer.  Also, district policy limits the number of days excused for health reasons accumulated over the school year.  Therefore, when a student has reached 10 days of school missed due to illness without documentation from a health professional, any illness days thereafter will not be excused without documentation.

Unexcused Absences

Some examples of unexcused absences include college visits, vacation, car trouble, DMV appointment, personal reasons, and family emergency unless approved by admin.