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Advanced Placement (AP) Information

The Advanced Placement program is recognized as a national standard of academic achievement. By participating in these college-equivalent courses, you are preparing now for the standards and challenges of a college education. The expectation from both colleges and CdM is that students enrolled in AP classes will take the AP exam. The following information will help you complete the registration and payment processes.

Step 1: Registration During the first weeks of the course, your AP teacher will give you instructions about how to create a College Board account and will provide a special “join code” for the class. This is the account you will use to sign up for the AP exam and to access AP course materials.

Step 2: Payment for the AP exams Payment for AP exams is done on the myschoolbucks website. Instructions for using this site will be provided after school starts. Paying for the exam is required before an exam will be ordered for you.

Note: Payment alone doesn’t get the exam ordered. You must indicate on your myap.collegeboard account that you want to take the exam.

Other important information:

  • CdM will order only the exams for which you have paid.
  • Students who have IEP’s or 504’s must submit their requests for accommodations through the College Board’s Students with Disabilities website. CdM does not do this. Students can use only accommodations approved by College Board. Please complete the process before December 15, 2022.
  • Students on the free/reduced lunch program will have exam fees automatically reduced on the myschoolbucks website. To enroll in the program, contact the district Nutrition Services and complete the process by December, 2022.
  • CdM offers AP exams for only the courses taught here on campus.
  • Dates for AP exams are May 1 – 12, 2023. • Students who cannot take an exam on the scheduled date should contact the AP Coordinators as soon as possible. The date and time for each exam are listed on the College Board website.
  • Exams may not be ordered after March 8, 2023.
  • Please contact the AP Coordinators for any questions or concerns.

General AP Information

How to Register for an AP Exam

How to Pay for AP Exams on My School Bucks

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