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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Corona del Mar's mission is to provide the highest level of comprehensive instruction aimed at empowering students to learn with resiliency, act with empathy, and live with integrity. 

It shall be the shared responsibility of CdMHS/MS students, educators, administrators, and parents to enable students to become life-long learners with the ability and desire to think critically, act thoughtfully and ethically, communicate effectively, and positively influence a rapidly changing, diverse world. To this end, the school community will provide each student with opportunities to expand to the fullest potential his/her creative, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical capabilities. The school community will assist each student in becoming a contributing, responsible member of his/her family, school, community, country, and world.

In addition to CdM’s shared vision, mission, and core values, the school has acknowledged its student learner outcomes, SLOs, integrated into what is now known as the behavior matrix shown here. The core values that existed in our previous SLOs included positive attitude, responsible citizenship, independent complex thinking, developed technology proficiency, and effective communication skills have all been integrated into our school-wide behavioral matrix where all students are expected to Cultivate integrity, Develop resiliency, and Model empathy.