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Performance Participation

Concert Participation

A required performance is any performance event that is listed on SCHOOL LOOP as an assignment.  


Students and families will be provided adequate information regarding these performances through class announcements, SCHOOL LOOP mail announcements, the Music Dept. SCHOOL LOOP main page and/or individual course site and hard copy.

Changes to the performance schedule are sometimes unavoidable – all schedule changes will be communicated with the students and parent/guardians using the same methods. 


Students who have regular after-school activities that interfere with concert participation, including sports, church, jobs, other extra-curricular activities or off-campus academic courses are expected to manage their obligations so that they can complete the requirements for the music performance class. 


Concert Absences

Each required concert represents a significant part of the overall participation grade. All concert absences will result in a complete loss of points for that performance, regardless. from the  grade, regardless of the reason.  Students may regain points (partial or fully) for completing a concert make-up assignment as determined by the director.  Students will only be eligible for make up assignments under the following circumstances.


1) Have communicated a schedule conflict within two weeks of the posting of the performance schedule.  Conflicts with jobs, off-campus activities, or other extracurricular commitments will not be counted as valid reasons to be eligible for a concert make-up.  


2) Have a parent/guardian contact the director within 48 hours of an emergency situation by phone or e-mail or written.  Communication that has been sent through a school counselor to the student’s teacher list is acceptable.


The director reserves the right to refuse a make-up assignment for a lack of communication by the student/parent/guardian, or for situations that could have been resolved prior to the concert with reasonable effort.  The listed grade for a missed concert will be a 0 until a make-up assignment has been completed.


Concert Attire Expectations

Students are asked to observe the dress code for their group in formal concerts.  Athletic Shoes, Shorts,T-Shirts, Denim Pants, Miniskirts, Low-cut Dresses or Blouses are inappropriate for the stage.  Formal concert attire is meant to reflect a sense of pride and respect for the music making process.  If it violates the CdM dress code, it unsuitable for the stage. The director reserves the right to bar any student from performing whose attire is blatantly inappropriate for the stage.  If the student or family is unable to supply the appropriate attire, please ask us for assistance.


Concert Conduct

Students are expected to be respectful of any on-stage performing groups, and will refrain from creating any disturbance that would detract from the performance.  Students must stay within designated areas of the performance facility, and must treat the facility, including any auxiliary rooms and passageways, with respect.  Poor concert conduct may result in a deduction from the concert grade.


Performance Eligibility

While performing is an expected part of the class, it should also be understood that performing with a school group is a privilege - one that may be revoked for the following reasons:  1) Students are forbidden from performing if they have been put on the school's academic ineligibility list (usually for poor grades, but possibly for disciplinary reasons)  2)  If a student has demonstrated behavior that is a public liability to the image and reputation of the CdM Music Department.  3)  If the student has failed to prepare their assigned performance material to the degree that they negatively impact the of the group performance.