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Adult Education


Adult education classes are available to assist juniors and seniors in completing the necessary requirements for graduation, and may only be taken by high school student who have previously taken and failed that particular class (except health and electives, which may be taken without previously failing the course). Students must have a full schedule of classes in order to attend.   A Permission-to-Enroll form must be completed by the High School Counselor, student, and parent/guardian (classes must be written on the form by the counselor). Students must submit their current class schedule along with the Permission-to-Enroll form.   Students may elect to choose either the Seat Time (class assignments are completed on site) or Independent Study (classes are completed at home and turned in weekly). In both programs, teachers meet with students weekly to evaluate student progress and staff is available to answer questions.  


* These classes are not UC approved or College Prep Level, and  they do not meet admission requirements for 4-year colleges.