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Staff Directory

This is the website for all of your counseling needs. Please explore the site to get your questions answered or find counselor information below if you need to contact your counselor directly. General questions may be answered by the counseling assistant.

Counseling Hours: Counselors are available from 7:30am - 3:00pm.  Please contact the counseling office if you would like to make an appointment.

Counseling Assistant:

Kailee Sasada
(949) 515-6004 


Tammi Zamora
(949) 515-6014

Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Counselors

Last Names: A-Q

Julie Rahmatulla (Head Counselor)
(949) 515-6037

Last Names: R-Z

Bailey Eskew
(949) 515-6024  

Julie Rahmatulla

High School 9th-12th Grade Counselors

Last Names: A-Dav

Laurie Rybaczyk
(949) 515-6046

Laurie Rybaczyk

Last Names: Daw-Hol

Jennifer Gerjets 
(949) 515-6057

Jennifer Gerjets

Last Names: Hom-Moa

Megan Madden (Head Counselor)
(949) 515-6054






Last Names: Mob-Sev 

Rhonda Reid
(949) 515-6036


Megan Madden


Rhonda Reid

Last Names: Sew-Z

Gina Nyeholt
(949) 515-6056



Gina Nyeholt

College Programs Coordinator 

Mary Russell
(949) 515-6021

Mary Russel picture