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Eddy Reyes

Contact Information

2017-2018 Schedule



Period 1

Enhanced Math 3
Period 2 Enhanced Math 3
Period 3 Enhanced Math 3
Period 4 Math 3
Period 5 Math 3
Period 6 Enhanced Math 3
Period 7 Open
Period 8 Open


Course Syllabus and Documents

The course syllabi are provided in the resources to the left. 


All other documents are shared in the following dropbox link.  Late work, notes, and scanned notes will be provided here for all classes.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of comprehensive instruction aimed at empowering students to learn with resiliency, react with empathy, and live with integrity. 


C - Cultivate Integrity

D - Develop Resiliency 

M - Model Empathy

Office Hours

Monday through Thursday - Lunch (by appointment)

7:30-7:50 - Before School

During 7th or 8th period (by appointment).



I will be coaching wrestling and the eSports team this year so I will need to plan appointments ahead of time.

Email me at any time with questions at