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Use of School Property and Facilities

Authorized Use:  Students are only allowed to use the equipment and accessories that have been assigned to them.  Unauthorized use of any other equipment in the room may be considered a breach of class standards and may result in a lowered participation grade and/or disciplinary action.


Equipment Return:  All school-owned instruments, accessories and materials are expected to be checked in at the end of the school year, or at such time that the student ceases to be enrolled in the CdM Music Dept.  Students will be requires to replace any missing items (including the instrument itself)


Personal Instrument Storage:  Students may bring their personal instruments to school, and will be assigned an instrument cubby to keep it in during the day.  The cubbies do not have locks, however students may use their own pad lock, so long as they register the combination with Mr. Jamora.


Damage Liability: The Music Department will hold students accountable for the repair and/or replacement of material or equipment for loss or damage resulting unsafe unsafe handling, negligence, or vandalism.  Students are advised not to allow anyone besides themselves to handle their assigned instrument, as they may be held responsible for any damage inflicted by any other individual.


Home Practice: Once a student is assigned a school instrument for the school year, they do not need to ‘check it out’ should they want to take it home for practice purposes.  Students are also allowed to take instruments home over holidays, and may check an instrument out during the summer months as well.  Exception:  Instruments that have been assigned to more than one student must remain at school.


**Very Important for ALL Instruments** Always refer any repair needs (no matter how minor they may seem) to a qualified instrument repair technician. Do NOT attempt home repair.  Do NOT use household products like superglue or WD40 on musical instruments.