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Room Access

Room Use During Break or Lunch:  Students are generally welcome to come to the room during break and lunch - however - they are expected to uphold the class standards in regards to showing respect to other students, staff, equipment and facilities.  Students may lose the break/lunch privileges for failing to do so.


Guests:  Students are also expected to monitor any guests they bring into the rooms.  Failing to do so may result in the student being barred from the rooms outside of class or performances.  Students may also be held accountable for damage to equipment caused by their guests.


Room Use After Hours:  Students may have access to the rooms for practice purposes so long as there is a faculty member present.  Students who want to use room should check to make sure that one of the staff members will be present, and is willing to supervise the activity.  Students *must* ask for permission to use the rooms for group projects after school - plan ahead!