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Clay Kennedy, C Locker
6/6/18 12:15 PM
6/6/18 12:16 PM

Clay Kennedy

Contact Information

To Access Course Content

Schoology will be used as a content and communication hub.


The first day of the course a login code will be distributed for Schoology page access. Student's will need to log in with this code to have access. Access to this page will only be for class members and parents. There is an option for a parent login to have access to the page. 


On this site, all course content will be posted as we progress in class. Some content and study resources will be posted in advance. The site has a specific calendar with info posted ahead of time for students time management. There will also be the use of the sites discussion board feature for assignments and the sending of real time messages to members with updates. The site also has an app, but the actual site used through a web browser has more options.


7th grade Study Skills does not have a Schoology page. All content and assignments will be delivered in class. 

2017-2018 Teaching Schedule

Period 1 7th Grade Skills for Success
Period 2 AP Government & Macroeconomics
Period 3 AP Government & Macroeconomics
Period 4 AP Government & Macroeconomics
Period 5 AP World History (AGS)
Period 6 AP World History (AGS)
Period 7  
Period 8  


Student Support Time

Mr. Kennedy is available most days during break, lunch and after school. Please contact via email or in-person to confirm availability and/or to make a firm appointment. Please contact for any other possible meeting time.

AP U.S. Government
U.S. Government
AP Macroeconomics
AP World History
World History