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Grammar Games and Quizzes

Are you a...grammar ninja ?  Pit your skills against the computer in identifying parts of speech!


The University of Bristol, England has a bunch of self-test grammar exercises .  No pressure, no grade, just honest self-tests for you at home.  Really good for those of you who need refreshers (or new lessons) in grammar and mechanics that we only touch on in class.


Looking for tips on how to study vocabulary?  Try here for some ideas .

CP Comp Lit 2AB

I missed socratic seminar! What do I do?

I missed seminar.  What do I do?

  1. There is always prep work. If you miss it, you CAN make that up.  Get the info from the WR binder or a classmate or me when you email about your absence, or check this page for instructions.
  2. Prep work will involve writing, and will be graded.  Take care and thought with it.  Include textual evidence.  That will make seminars better.
  3. There will always be reflections:  honest, accurate, and complete.  They are graded as well. 

If you miss Soc Sem, you can't write a reflection.  Make a note on your prep of the date, seminar, and reason for missing the seminar.  Check with me, or here on the web on the date of the seminar.

PREPWORK AND REFLECTIONS are the most tangible evidence of your efforts.  They count more than your time in the circle, though I am monitoring that as well.

REFLECTIONS:  Unless you have been given a different format (e.g., an exit ticket), you write in paragraph format, being as specific as you can be.  Minimum one paragraph.

  1. CONTENT:  Mention/respond to one or more specific points in the seminar, e.g.:  what you thought was strong, something you connected with, something you disagreed with and why.
  2. GROUP PERFORMANCE:  Explain how close we got to our goal, what ground rules we abided by, and which we need to improve upon. 
  3. INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE:  Rate your performance.  What did you do well, and what could you improve upon?  List goals for next session, whether you’re in the inner or outer circle. 





Many of the documents in the locker are last year's.  best NOT to download or print anything EXCEPT for the current unit (see calendar), or until you get the go ahead!


I am also MOVING most of these to the locker you see when you log in to your own account.

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What English class should I take next year?

I talk about my perspective near the bottom of the page of our class FAQ.  You can also see what's going on at Ms. Quesnell's page.