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Wrl Hist/Geog 7 Locker
9/2/16 7:04 AM
9/2/16 7:25 AM
9/23/15 8:25 AM
9/19/16 7:13 AM
10/27/16 11:08 AM
11/17/16 11:05 AM
12/8/16 1:01 PM
4/20/17 1:16 PM
1/17/17 12:08 PM
2/6/17 7:03 AM
3/30/17 6:59 AM
4/4/17 2:03 PM
5/25/17 6:29 AM
6/9/17 7:08 AM

Wrl Hist/Geog 7

Note that you will find necessary information in the corresponding file folders on the left.  Please search for the file folder you need, open the folder, then look for the file or link and open from there.


Please remember it is the student's responsibility to make up any homework or classwork from his or her absence.  It is also the student's responsibility to make up any quizzes or tests in a timely manner.  The student can find out what work was missed by checking the monthly calendar.  It is important to "go back" on the calendar to see all assignments missed.  Please do not rely only on the "Assignments" page.  This tells upcoming assignments and does not include items that have already been completed by the class, and therefore, ones the absent student has missed.  By the time the absent student realizes he/she missed a quiz or an in-class assignment because he/she did not check the calendar as they were supposed to, it is usually too late because he/she is beyond the make up date.  Quizzes and tests can be made up during intervention or before school, break, or lunch.  If quizzes are not made up within a reasonable time frame (same amount of days as student was absent unless another date was prearranged between student and teacher), then student will not be allowed to make up the quiz.  Once a student has checked the calendar and retrieved all titles of any assignments that he/she may have missed, they only need to come and see the teacher and ask for any of the assignments (or turn in ones they may already have).  This would apply not only for history, but for any classes and for future years.  The calendar is the most useful tool for success now and future years at CdM.