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Jacqueline Jecmen

Jacqueline Jecmen Locker
8/30/17 11:51 AM

Backstage and Performing Artists Company

Get involved with CdM theatre department by donating, volunteering or coming to see one of our outstanding productions! Check out for all these opportunities and more!

Ticket sales for all our productions are sold on this site!

High School Theatre classes 2018-19

Below are the three audition only High School Theatre classes for next year. There is no need to go to your counselor to enroll in the classes. Mrs. Jecmen has passed these lists along to the counselors who will enroll you. 


The Intermediate level has been split into two classes as you can see below. They will be learning the same material, however, Intermediate 2 will go a bit deeper with training and theatre study. All three classes are PAMA pathway classes and all three classes are performing classes. It is not yet known what period each class will be.


Congratulations to everyone who auditioned... it will be an amazing year next year!


Chamberlain’s Players -Intermediate I Theatre

Josh Anderson

Kayla Arbogast

Kayvon Blake

Ashley Boroff

Ronan Carter

Joseph Cervantes

Quinn Conroy

Sanam Eslami

Will Geoghegan

Kristina Graves

Taylor Gyselaar

Dylan Henkels

Logan Nixon

Forbes Painter

Lucas Phillips

Kaya Placido

AJ Plumb

Ryan Saywitz

Anne-Marie Shui

Ashleigh Weinstock 


Admiral’s Players - Intermediate II Theatre 

Mary Acuna

Jackson Jaha-Anderson 

Sean Carroll 

Christopher Cruttenden

Katelin Custer

Tommy Eastmond

Sara Edwards 

Marc Gildenhuys 

Shelby Glabman

David Hagh

Savannah Harper

Amber Jensen

Julia Jung

Natalie Lindley

Daisy Ma

Jillian Marquez 

Carter McReynolds

Conrad Oliver-Meier

Giovanny Munoz 

Nikki Nasseri 

Eliana Oren

Jordan Rosenberg 

Mikayla Shaffer

Erica Sjoholm 

Stephen Weinstock

Jesse Wright


Kings Players - Advanced Theatre

Alyssa Arbogast

Defne Agrali 

Jaycie Carter

Sydney Cohen 

Emily David 

Josh Flores 

Nick Geoghegan 

Tori Gyselaar 

Makena Harper 

Shalamar Hatefi 

Elena Kelly 

Ben Lederman 

Claire Lewis 

Kiersten Muse 

Tristan Neal 

Leyla Rakshani 

Evan Ramirez

Violette Remington 

Jennifer Rosales 

Natalie Rose 

Arya Samini 

Grace Shackelford 

Lucan Alto Stargiotti 

Sierra Stoliar 

Seth Trachtman

Ava Wagoner 

Miracle Wallace 

Brittany Weinstock 



Missed auditions? No problem! Email Mrs. Jecmen ( on how you can audition to be part of the theatre department. Or, sign up for Drama I which is open enrollment for all high school students! 

Footloose Crew

Footloose Crew


Congratulations to the crew of Footloose, the Musical! Please come to our first crew meeting tomorrow 1/19 at the beginning of 8th period. The meeting will be short and sweet! If you have any conflicts with the dates (see interview form), please come with them. I'm excited for this stellar crew to make musical theatre magic!


Stage Manager: Michelle Percival

House Manager: Ben Lederman

Backstage Manager: Kylie Lockington

Assistant Stage Manager: Nick Geoghegan

Grips: Lauren Von Aspen, Charlie Zhung, Wade Mickley, Stephen Weinstock

Light Board Operator: Claire Lewis

Sound: Nick Gildenhuys

Property Manager: Brenna Linden

Publicity Manager: Grace Shackleford

Hair & Make-Up Team: Jen Rosales, Giovanny Munoz, Tamara Barillo, Adrienne Simpson

Spot 1: Lucy Millman

Spot 2: Jaik Suri 

Footloose cast List

Congratulations to the cast of Footloose! In order to accept your role, please fill out THIS FORM. We are so excited for this production. We know it will be a wonderful show! If your name is not on this list, I encourage you to join us in our crew so you can still be part of the production. Crew interviews will be announced after winter break. 


Cast, the first rehearsal is January 8th at 3:05 in Mrs. Jecmen's room, 617. Please bring a binder and a pencil. You will receive your script, music, cast registration packets, and a rehearsal schedule. We look forward to seeing you all then! 


Your production team, 

Mrs. Jecmen  (Director/Producer), Erik Przytulski (Vocal Director), Jimmy Hippenstiel (Choreographer)





Ren McCormack

Andres Delgado

Reverend Shaw Moore

Tristan Neal

Chuck Cranston

Joshua Montana Flores

Lyle (Chuck’s buddy)

Arya Samini

Travis (Chuck’s buddy)

Dominic Cuneo

Willard Hewitt

Harry Dill

Jeter  (Ren’s friend)

Seth Trachtman

Bickle (Ren’s friend)

to be casted

Garvin (Ren friend)

Jesse Wright

Wes Warnicker

Lucan Stargiotti

Coach Roger Dunbar

Evan Ramirez


Marc Guildenguys



Vi Moore

Brittany Weinstock

Ethel McCormack

Kiki Sawan

Ariel Moore

Violette Remington

Lulu Warnicker

Kiersten Muse

Eleanor Dunbar

Sarah Greengard

Rusty (Ariel’s best friend)

Jaycie Carter

Urleen (Ariel’s friend)

Crystal Hernandez

Wendy Jo (Ariel’s friend)

Sydney Cohen

Bonnie (Ariel’s friend)

Phoebe Alva

Betty Blast

Ava Wagoner

Cowboy Bobi  (lead vocalist at the Bar-B-Que)

Leyla Rakshani

Principal Clark

Natalie Rose

Cowboy Bob’s band

to be casted



Leyla Rakshani, Brenna Roberts, Chloe Taylor, Jillian Marquez, Ava Wagoner, Eliana Oren, Jessebel Rodriguez


High School Students

Amber Jensen, Kara Pauly, Natalie Rose, Natasha Jhalani


Dancers (Chicago and Bomont)/High School Students

Shalamar Hatefi, Kaylee Aguliar, Jennifer Rosales, Alyssa Arbogast, Cheyenne Campos, Angelina Garcia, Kiersten Muse (gymnast in opening number [Chicago] only, other role rest of show)

Contact Information


To Access Course Content

Class related information: Students can find information on class assignments on their schoolloop page. Specific course assignments such as Theatre Critique instructions can be found in the course locker. Syllabus for the class can be found in the locker to the left of this message. 


Non-class related information: Audition notices and cast/crew lists can be found by scrolling below this information. Specific cast, crew, ticket sales for various shows and donation information can be found by accessing


To purchase tickets to an upcoming production, visit

Teaching Schedule 2017-2018

Period 1


Period 2


Period 3

Drama I/Introduction to Theatre

Period 4

Drama 2/Intermediate Theatre

Period 5

Drama 3/Advanced Theatre

Period 6

Instructional Coaching

Period 7

Drama I/Introduction to Theatre

Period 8

Drama Production


Student Support Time

I am available to students during 1st and 2nd period and during break and lunch by appointment. 

One Act Play Festival


Advanced Showcase 2017


Date Patrol Directed by: Kylie Lockington

Bob: Lucan Stargiotti

Julie: Alyssa Arbogast

Kennedy: Jaycie Carter

Sam: Tori Gyselaar



Hero’s Journey Directed by: Sarah Greengard

Theos: Grace Shackelford

Haroldicus: Kiersten Muse

Lord Badias: Leyla Rakshani

Chloe: Ava Wagner



Platform 9 Directed by: Kiki Sawan

Adelie: Phoebe Alva

Sonny: Kiki Sawan



The Other Room

Austin: Andres Delgado

Lily: Adrienne Simpson

Christian: Kylie Lockington

Donovan: Breanna Linden

Nick: Alicia Wilcox

Talbott: Sarah Greengard

Travis: Tristan Neal

Coordinator (NOT director): Andres Delgado


Sure Thing Directed by: Alicia Wilcox

Bill: Josh Flores

Betty: Shalamar Hatefi



Sweetheart Directed by: Breanna Linden

Dad: Nick Geoghegan

Mom: Violette Remington

Sister: Kira Mason

Brother: Sierra Stoliar

Girl: Makena Harper



Words, Words, Words* Directed by: Adrienne Simpson

Natalie Rose

Mira Wallace

Brittany Weinstock

*roles will be cast on Monday


Intermediate Showcase 2017


13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview

Interviewer 1: Defne Agrali

Interview 2: Marc Gildenhueys

Ben/Melvin: Brian Shard

Kimberly/Kelly: Shelby Glabman

Maria//Lily: Sara Edwards

Eve/Emily: Olivia Sargent

Producer/Jason: Tamara Barillo

Harold/Brett: David Haugh

Elizabeth/Maria: Amber Jensen


This Phone Will Explode

Man 1: Maximus Gerien

Man 2: Stephen Weinstock

Woman 1: Elena Kelly

Woman 2: Niaz Namdar


The Wheels Go Round and Round 

Abby/Employee 2: Jennifer Rosales

Steve: Seth Trachtman

Glop/Angry Parent: Arya Samini

Dad: Benjamin Lederman

Employee 1/Mom: Eliana Oren

Uncle Ned/Employee 3: Evan Ramirez

Gloria/Girl Toddler: Claire Lewis


The Ants and Grasshopper

Grasshopper: Olivia Pompelii

Ant: Jessica Treska

Dec: Carter McReynolds





Kylie Lockington


Vice President

Breanna Linden



Adrienne Simpson



Natalie Rose


High School Class Reps

Pheobe Alva     Ben Lederman     Lucan Stargiotti
Seth Trachtman     Brittany Weinstock


Middle School Class Reps

Natalie Moorhead     Mikayla Shaffer

Jackson Jaha-Anderson     Julia Jung

Birthday Fairies

Shelby Gladman     Kaya Placido

The Curious Savage Crew Interviews

Congratulations to The Curious Savage Crew! It was a pleasure to interview all of you today and hear your wonderful ideas and talents. Our first crew interview will be this Friday at 1:30 in Mrs. Jecmen's room. Please email her if you have a conflict or class at this time. Look forward to seeing you then! 


Stage Manager: Benjamin Lederman

Backstage Manager: Michelle Percival

Assistant Stage Manager: Nick Geoghegan

Costumes: Annika Quist
House Management and Publicity: Sarah Greengard, Tori Gyselaar

Ushers: Jaik Suri and Lucan Stargiotti (will need others in this position as well)

Light Board Operator: Kiki Sawan

Property Manager: Brittany Weinstock

Assistant Property Manager: Evan Ramirez

Sound Designers: Nick Gildenhuys, Emma Fellows

Hair/ Make-up Lead: Jennifer Rosales

Hair/ Make-up Crew: Giovanni Munoz, Crystal Hernandez

Spotlight: Lucy Millman

Set/Lighting Team: Jaik Suri, Kiki Sawan, Lucan Stargiotti (this position will be further explained at our meeting, but you will help hang and focus lights as well as help build the set) 

The curious savage CAST LIST

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us this afternoon! Callbacks are always difficult for both actors and panel members, so we appreciate all of you putting your all into your performances this afternoon. Below is the cast list. Cast members, please come to Mrs. Jecmen's room at 2pm tomorrow for a meet and greet with your director "Mrs. Red." We all encourage those that were not casted to still be part of the production and continue to promote theatre at CdM! Please look out for crew interviews next week! 


Florence Williams: Grace Shackelford

Fairy May: Sierra Stoliar 

Jeffery: Joshua Flores

Hannibal: Andres Delgado

Mrs. Paddy: Breanna Linden

Miss Willie: Kylie Lockington

Dr. Emmett: Miracle Wallace

Titus: Stephen Weinstock 

Lily Belle: Adrienne Simpson

Samuel: Marc Gildenhuys

Mrs. Savage: Makenna Harper 

Theatre classes 2017-2018

Thank you all for your amazing auditions both live and on video. It was a VERY impressive group auditioning and made the decision difficult. Please know if you did not make Drama II or Drama III, you did make Drama I and will be placed in the class automatically. 


We do have spots (very few left) available, so if you have not yet auditioned, please contact me at to submit a video. 


I am SO looking forward to next school year with this stellar group as the new CdM High School Theatre troop! 


Drama II

Defne Agrali

Marc Gildenhuys

David Hagh

Amber Jensen

Ben Lederman

Claire Lewis

Niaz Namdar

Kristina Narinyan

Eliana Oren

Olivia Pompilli

Evan Ramirez

Isabella Ramos

Jennifer Rosales

Olivia Sargent

Arya Samini

Brian Shard

Colin Spruce

Riley Stafford

Chloe Taylor

Seth Trachtman

Jesse Wright

Stephen Weinstock

Katherine Young


Drama III

Phoebe Alva

Alyssa Arbogast

Jaycie Carter

Andres Delgado

Josh Flores

Nick Geoghegan

Sarah Greengard

Tori Gyselaar

Makena Harper

Shalamar Hatefi

Colette Hodgkins

Breanna Linden

Kylie Lockington

Kira Mason

Kiersten Muse

Tristan Neal

Kiki Sawan

Grace Shackelford

Adrienne Simpson

Lucan Stargiotti

Sierra Stoliar

Leyla Rakshani

Violette Remington

Natalie Rose

Mira Wallace 

Brittany Weinstock

Alicia Wilcox

Corona del Mar Theatre Arts
Corona del Mar Theatre Arts