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Don Grable

Don Grable

  • Athletic Office

HS Athletic Director

Hello, my name is Don Grable and I am in my tenth year here at CdM.  Previous to that I worked as a teacher at Los Amigos H.S. for 19 years and coached for 16 of those years.  I have had experience coaching both Varsity Girls Basketball (2 years) and Varsity Boys Basketball (11 years).  Over the past nine years I have been a math teacher, Freshmen Boys Basketball Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, and Athletic Director (for the past 7 years).

I am truly blessed to be the Athletic Director here at Corona del Mar High School.  I love sports, I love people, and I love what sports can teach people.  I firmly believe that "The most important things in life aren't things".  The first priority should always be what is best for our student-athletes.  I will work hard to empower them, help them work through tough times, and help recognize their accomplishments.

The greatest gift our coaches can give to our student-athletes in our four short years with them is to help them develop the skills and abilities to manage their own lives.  We want each of our students to become a better thinker, communicator, competitor, and teammate in all areas of their lives.  In short, we are trying to prepare our students for the road, and not the road for our students.  It is for this reason that our district has an athletic communication protocol which encourages our student-athletes to first communicate with their coach should a problem arise.  In every season there will be ups and downs for all involved.  By enjoying the good times and working through the bad times, our student-athletes are building character that will benefit them for their entire lives.

With this being my 29th year in education, I believe more firmly than ever that your sons and daughters are fully capable of solving their own problems with school and athletics.  Although both parents and faculty want to help our students whenever possible, we must be fully cognizant of the fact that the more we do for them, the less they are doing for themselves.  It is both the parents' and educators' role to give each of our students the necessary skills to best prepare them for adulthood.  With that in mind, we must embrace adversity rather than try to eliminate it.  We must give our young people the tools and encouragement to overcome this adversity regardless if it was a result of their actions or those of someone else.  It is overcoming adversity that builds a student's self-esteem and empowers them with the confidence to overcome future problems.

This year the athletic department is asking for you to join us in forming a "Better P.A.C.T.".  We are striving to be better People, better Athletes, better Coaches, and better Teams.  Instead of pointing fingers at the shortcomings and mistakes of others, people involved with CdMHS athletics should be focusing on improving themselves in any or all of these areas.  While doing this, we hope to create a challenging yet safe learning environment where the focus is on great attitudes, work ethic, teamwork and improvement; not on mistakes or failures.

These four years of high school sports experiences are so important for our children.  I urge all those involved to try make this the most positive experience possible.  Our student-athletes need role models more than they need critics; they need to hear words of praise, not ridicule.  They need to know that they are loved no matter how they are playing or what their role is on the team.  Most importantly when they leave our school, they need to feel secure and confident that they are capable of handling whatever life brings.

Don Grable