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Reading Book List of 7th grade and higher reading level books, recommended by UCI Professor Carol Jago


CDM Middle School Policies

Ms. Siebert's Classroom Policies & Behavioral Protocol

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Ms. Siebert's Classroom Syllabus

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Karen Siebert

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Contact Information

Room 421

Corona del Mar - 7th Grade, 2017-18


LA 1  English Literature  -  7th Grade (2017/18)


Interesting Notes:

                                 ESL/ELD Adult Education (25 years)

                                 Spanish Speaker

                                 Participant-Dancing with the Teachers

                                 NMUSD teacher since 1994

                                 UCI Writing Project Fellow

1st Quarter- 7th grade September 5 - November 9

Class Literature Reading: The Shakespeare Stealer, author: Gary Blackwood, ISBN # 798-014240-733-2

Outside Reading 1st quarter: Biography, Autobiography, or Memoir of your choice (7th grade reading level or higher)

Literature-Reading & Writing: GreatBooks Roundtable, Level 2; Short Stories focus on Vocabulary grammar & Sentence Structures

Literary Terms

Greek & Latin Roots

Writing: Personal Narrative Essay

             Expository (explaining something to someone) Essay with MLA Format

2nd Quarter. - 7th grade Nov. 23 - Feb 1

Outside Reading 2nd Quarter - A 2014 Novel of student's choice.

Vocabulary, Sentence Structures, Literature Terms, Greek & Latin Roots

Literature Response

Writing: Expository Response to Literature

THIRD QUARTER 7th grade 2/5 - 4/13

Outside Reading 3rd Quarter:

Literature - The Outsiders  author: S.E. Hinton

ISBN #  978-0-14-038572-4

Grammar - general and as needed individually

Writing - Argumentative Essay

Fourth Quarter 7th grade 4/23 - 6/21


Outside Reading 4th Qtr. Novel of student's choice - 7th grade level or higher.

Book/Movie Comparison with Oral Presentation

A variety of non-fiction short stories (provided by teachers).

Vocabulary, Literature Terms, Greek & Latin Roots


Sentence Structures

Response to Literature