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The syllabus for each class can be found on the "resources" page for that class.  (see above)

James May

Contact Information


Student Support Time

I am available for help before school from 7:30 to the beginning of school. 

I am available during 1st or 8th period

    (Tues/Thurs 8 - 9:30 or  after 1:30 Wednesday or Friday).

I am available from 8:15 - 9 am on late start Mondays.

To Access Course Information:

Students can access course content on their school loop calendar. 

I update my school loop calendar by Monday night for the week. 



Period 1

Honors Enhanced Math III
Period 2 Honors Enhanced Math III
Period 3 Honors Enhanced Math III
Period 4 Enhanced Math II
Period 5 Enhanced Math II
Period 6 Enhanced Math II
Period 7 Prep
Period 8 Prep


Mountain Bike Team Practices: Tues/Thurs 3:30 - 5 pm (December to May)

James May Locker