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Tammy Owney

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Class related information: Students can find information on class assignments on their Schoolloop page. Syllabus for the class can be found in the locker to the right of this message. 


GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES  - To use now during DISTANCE               LEARNING  (3/23/20)

per. 1 (ASL 3) - fabfann        Zoom Codes  867-444-574   Tues. 8:45

per. 2 (ASL 2)  - sot64k7                              238-841-237     Wed. 8:45

per. 3 (ASL 3)  - fnhkwty                              710-990-040     Tues.  9:45

per 4 (ASL 2)  - z5vmgtk                               330-728-785     Wed. 9:45

per 5 (ASL 1)  - wo4cm2v                             926-053-996      Tues. 1:00

per 6 (ASL 1)  - epixdbi                                 303-315-319      Wed. 1:00

2019-2020 Teaching Schedule


Period 1 ASL 3
Period 2 ASL 2
Period 3 ASL 3
Period 4 ASL 2
Period 5 ASL 1
Period 6 ASL 1
Period 7 Prep
Period 8 Prep
Student Support Hours

ZOOM MEETING CODE  686-056-0101

Office Hours  Wed. 11:15 - 11:45

                        Thurs. 11:15 - 11:45

Distance Learning schedule -- AND GRADING


District guidelines for grading MAr. - June 2020

       A - 100 - 85

       B - 84-70

       C - 69 - 55      

MONDAYS - I will post a video on Google Classroom with a "Hello" and a "check in."  Any info about the week and assignments may be announced. 

ZOOM MEETINGS - I will use Zoom mostly for connecting with the students.  I will usually TEACH WITH VIDEOS ON Google Classroom.  The Zoom meetings are for questions about assignments, sign clarification, short review drills, etc.......  These meetings are 45 min. and I WILL BE TAKING ATTENDANCE.  

PARTICIPATION POINTS - I will still do participation points for a 2 week period.  2 sentences/30 points. It is the student's responsibility to send a video of them signing a sentence from the list I post for those two weeks. One video with BOTH sentences.  Or one sentence a week?  It is up to the student.  By the Friday due date, I should have received two sentences (you signing to camera) linked to the Participation assignment on Google Classroom.

ATTENDANCE - Teachers are to report to administration if any students do not attend Zoom meetings, turn in assignments, interact with the class activities in Google Classroom, etc......



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