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Jennifer Campbell

Teaching Schedule 2019-2020
Period 1 Statistics 
Period 2 Statistics 
Period 3 Pre-Calculus 
Period 4 Pre-Calculus 
Period 5 Prep
Period 6  
Period 7  
Period 8



To Access Course Content
  • All course content/information can be found in the corresponding course School Loop site.
  • Assignments are posted to your student's calendar including links to content such as notes, worksheets and videos
  • Course Information (such as outline & syllabus) can be found in the "Locker" to the right of the screen.
Additional Student Support
  • Monday Intervention 8:10-9:00
  • Lunch: Wednesday 
  • By appointment
Contact Information

Pre-Calculus and Statistics AB are two-semester math courses meeting CA state standards and the UC/CSU entrance requirements. Students are expected to attend class daily, participate in class, complete all assignments, take notes and study before exams. Homework is assigned nearly every day. 

Turn in HW at end of unit. Late HW is accepted for (at most) 60% credit.

Click on the Course Outlines folder for a complete syllabus for each class.


Jennifer Campbell Locker