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Personal FAQ

I was born in Long Beach, California, on September 7th, 19censored.  When my mother remarried, I moved to the East Bay -- more specifically, Lafayette, California.  I went to Acalanes High School, and then to the University of California at Irvine.  I majored in English.  I also went back for my teaching credential and my Master's degree in English.  In 2008, I married a former CdM administrator on a boat in the harbor.  I come from a long line of teachers, but I chose high school instead of elementary.  Y'all are much cooler.  I tend to keep myself to myself -- I'm an introvert -- but if you are interested in getting to know me, you know where I work! 

 Q:  How long have you been teaching at CdM?

A:  I started here in 1998.  Sometimes I feel it; mostly the time flies by. 

Q:  My friend/sibling/other teacher says you were on Jeopardy!  Were you?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Really?

A:  Yes.  In 2003.  Like, a hundred years ago.

Q:  Did you win?

A:  No.  The guy from NASA won.  I played a respectable game, though.  Still, I wish I'd done better.

Q:  Did you record your episode?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can we see it?

A:  I've misplaced the DVD.

Q:  Are you really married to someone who works at Harbor?

A:  You make it sound so sketchy...which it isn't.  I'm not the only person at this school who married "off-campus". 

Q:  My mom makes me give teacher presents (sometimes I want to, sometimes I don't).  What do you like?

A:  Nothing beats a sincere, handwritten thank-you note for the effort I make to teach you each day, whether it's from you or your parents.  If you feel you must give an actual present, I might enjoy:  a mix CD/flash drive with interesting music to introduce me to, a Barnes and Noble or Borders gift card, movie passes, or a gift card for a restaurant.  All of those help me to relax, unwind, and enjoy my life outside of the classroom. 

Teaching you is also a gift.  Your sincere, continued engagement and effort in class and learning is essential!

Q:  Have you read all those books in your shelf?

A:  About 90% of them, I think.

Q:  You read fast.

A:  Not a question, but yes.  I love to read.

Q:  Who is that dude at the back of the room?

A:  That's David Tennant, the 10th (or 11th, depending on who you ask) Doctor.

Q:  Who?

A:  Yes.  ;)



If you have a question that you think deserves to go on the FAQ page, email it to me!