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Mr .Middleton Current Schedule
Period 5: Blended/Hybrid Health Education: Room 301
Period 7: Girls Soccer
Period 9: Online Health Education


Contact Information


Best Contact: Email:


Room: 301 and Boys PE



Student Support Time

Monday: Late Start by appointment: 8:10 AM---9:00 AM Room 301


Please send me an email for emergency appointments:

Mr. Middleton

Semester II 2019: Online Health Orientation Information!

Welcome to Online Health

Instructor: Mr. Middleton


To All:

We hope you are excited about taking an online class this semester. Before you start, however, you must attend a mandatory orientation meeting.  You will be dropped immediately from the class if you fail to show to your orientation on your assigned orientation date and time. 


Bring a Laptop Computer or Smart Phone to sign into the Online Class!  Bring all your required forms signed!  Bring a pen!  You are required to stay for the entire orientation.  All Forms can be found on my school loop website in my locker and health locker. 


Online Health Orientation Date Monday 2-11-19


Orientation Location for Online Health:  CDMHS Lecture Hall 300 BLD!


Orientation (1) Time: 4:00--5:00 PM  


Once again, you will be dropped immediately from the class if you fail to show to your orientation on your assigned date.  If you have a conflict with the orientation due to Athletics or extra curricular activity you must email me at with your name, sport, contest/practice information and CC your coach and I will have a alternative orientation for you.  I will email you back your alternative orientation information.  If you fail to send me an email about your absence you will be dropped from the class.


Contact Information:


Required Signatures due at the orientation:  

1.  Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Form Signed

2.  Online Health Syllabus and Pacing Plan Signature Form Signed (Please keep the actual syllabus and pacing plan)


Passive Consent Form/Sex Ed:  This form only needs to be turned in if your parents or guardian don't want you to learn about Sex Ed.  Alternative assignments will be assigned if form is signed and turned into Mr. Middleton.


Please check School loop email for these forms or you can also find them in my school loop locker.


Thank you,

Mr. Middleton

Girls Soccer Meeting Today, 9-4-18

First Day of School!

Girls Soccer Meeting 9-4-18

Location:  Back Soccer Field: Blue Bleachers

Time: Period 7  1:30 PM---2:15 PM!

CDMHS Girls Soccer will be sizing the first day of school for our uniforms, practice shirts and sweatshirts!

Tonight 9-4-18:  Please read all documents located in the Girls Soccer Locker in School Loop!  From Mr. Middleton's main webpage click on Girls Soccer on the left hand side to get to the girls soccer webpage and the Girls Soccer Locker which has all the documents.

Girls Soccer Tryout Dates: Back Soccer Field at CDMHS

Wednesday 9-5-18: All returning JV, FS and new players to the program.

Thursday 9-6-18: All Players

Tuesday 9-11-18: All Players

Thursday 9-13-18: All Players if needed


To try out for the CDMHS Girls Soccer Program, ALL five documents listed below must be signed and returned.  Players will not be allowed to tryout until Coach Middleton has received the signed documents.

  1. Pursuing Victory with Honor Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians
  2. CIF Southern Section: Code of Ethics-Athletes
  3. Newport-Mesa Unified School District Athletic Program Guidelines: Communication Protocol for Conflict Resolution
  4. Corona Del Mar High School Girls Soccer and Youth and Government Policy
  5. Field Trip Form
  6. Corona Del Mar High School Girls Soccer Signature Page

Athletic Clearance Packet

Within the first two weeks of school, all students participating in CDMHS athletic programs, must return their Athletic Clearance Packet to Rikki Cox in the CDMHS Athletic Office. Each student is responsible for submitting the AC packet to Rikki Cox, coaches cannot submit the document for you. If you have any questions, please call Rikki Cox at (949) 515-6008.

You can find the athletic Clearance Packet at:

Thank you,

Coach Middleton

CDMHS Girls Soccer Rosters 2018-19

CDMHS Girls Soccer Rosters 2018-19


CDMHS Girls Soccer Grade Level Eligibility

Varsity Team: seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman


Junior Varsity Team: seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman


Freshman/Sophomore Team: seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshman (CIF Rule 203.2: A student may not compete on a sophomore or frosh-soph team after he or she has reached his or her 17th birthday on or before June 15, 2018.)


Rosters are never final during Pre-Season or Pacific Coast League play.  The Varsity roster will be finalized with the conclusion of

Pacific Coast League play and the submission of CIF playoff forms.


Student athletes may be on a particular roster but may move up or down from Varsity to JV/FS or JV/FS to Varsity or JV for any pre-season, tournament or league game.


If you are under a roster in this list congratulations you have made the CDMHS Girls Soccer Program!


Thank you Coach Middleton



Mr. Middleton

B.S.  Health Education

M.S. Physical Education

CIF State Advisory Board Member: Soccer

CIF Southern Section Advisory Board Member: Girls Soccer

NMUSD Online Curriculum Committee