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Mr. Rinehart Locker

Mr. Rinehart

Corona del Mar

A totally pedal extension fundament school!

Contact Information

  • Room 331


Parents, please contact me via e-mail, it really is the best way and I usually am able to respond within 24 hours. If you want to meet in person, before school is usually good (I don't teach 1st or 2nd period) and certain days after school.


Please e-mail me and we can set up a time so I can be sure to be here. If you just drop by, there is a good chance I will be unavailable. Thank you.

Student Support Time


Monday Late Start: 8:10 - 9 am


Tuesday - Friday: Before school starting at 7:30am and going into 1st/2nd period. (those are my prep periods)


Lunch: Only if prearranged with me


After school: Not usually as I have youngish kids and they are still kind of needy...

2018-2019 Teaching Schedule

P1 Prep
P2 Prep
P3 Biology
P4 Biology
P5 Biology
P6 Biology
P7 Biology
P8 Honors Biology