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Jennifer Walters



office hours in room 330 

            I have a zero period so I will not be able during that time.

            lunch by appointment

            6,7, & 8 by appointment




Access course content

Class related information will be available on the google classroom site. 


The class code for Anatomy/Physiology is qgno16s


The class code for AP biology is t9f20g

                               summer work only - a43wyx


The class code for Honors biology is nn3g1mr

Teaching Schedule 20017-2018

Period 0 AP biology
Period 1 AP biology
Period 2 Anatomy/Physiology
Period 3 AP biology
Period 4 Anatomy/Physiology
Period 5 Honors Biology
Period 6,7 & 8 Conference


Support Time

Students may come in for support during 6th, 7th & 8th period. It is helpful if you let me know if you will be coming in for help so that I can make sure I am available. 

I am in class most days (M-Th) at lunch.

Summer Reading and work suggestions

Summer Reading and work suggestions

In order to cover the material before the May exam I suggest that you start reading and doing assignments during the summer.


All work will be due by the first Monday of school, first day of the second week.


Log on and join the AP bio google classroom, all summer suggested work will be found there. Class code -a43wyx


All summer work suggestions are due the first Monday of school.

If you have any question during the summer please do not hesitate to email me at I will be traveling most of the summer. Be patient.

Otters Ecuador 2006

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