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Attendance Policy

Attendance Procedures


Student attendance is taken every day in every class and students are required to be in class and on time.




Parent's responsibility:

Parents /guardians must CLEAR their student's absence each day of an absence.


This can be done two ways:


  1. Notify the school by phone at (949) 515-6005 between 6:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. or leave a message on the message machine.


  1. Send a written note to the Attendance Office upon returning to school from an absence.


*Clearing an absence at the attendance office is not an excuse for being late to class. Students who arrive late to class will be marked tardy by their teacher.


The following information is needed:


1. Student's name

2. Date(s) of absence and time if the student is gone for part of the day.

3. Reason for absence

4. Signature of the parent/guardian with a current contact phone number.


  • All absences must be cleared within 72 hours or three (3) school days of the absence or the absence will be marked as CUT.


  • Unverified Absence’s could result in a possible loss of the opportunity to make up missed work or tests, given school consequences and/or being dropped from the class.


  • Written Notification from a doctor must be provided for absences of three (3) or more consecutive days verifying reason for illness / medical condition.


Excused Absences:

Examples of Excused absences are illness, doctor/dentist appointments, and observance of religious holidays, bereavement, court appearances per the California Education Code.


Unexcused Absences:

Examples of unexcused absences include vacation, oversleeping, car trouble, driver’s test, out of- town visitors, weddings, college visits, missed the bus, personal/business reasons, out of gas, and traffic citations.


College Visits: 

Students should plan their college visits around school breaks:

- Winter break

- President's recess

- Spring break

- Summer break

All college visits during the school week will be unexcused absences. 




  • Students must check in and out of the attendance office before the start of school or through lunch to obtain an Off-Campus Permit. Notes will not be accepted after lunch.


The following information is needed:


1. Student's name

2. Date(s) of absence and times if the student is gone for part of the day.

3. Reason for absence

4. Signature of the parent/guardian with a current contact phone number.


  • The Attendance Office will not telephone the classroom to have your student excused from class early as we respect instructional time.


TRUANCY (CUT) POLICY – (Per Semester)


A student who arrives more than 15 minutes late to class is considered truant and will be marked absent by the teacher.


Step 1:  Teacher  

  • 1 – 4 Class Cuts

1.     Informs/ Warn Student

2.     Notify Parent – Phone call or email that is documented.

3.     Apply appropriate academic consequences.


Step 2:  Counselor     

  • 5-7 Cuts in one class

1.     Written Referral to counselor for interventions

2.     Student, parent, teacher conference

3.     Attendance check card


Step 3:  Administration

  • 8 + Cuts

1.     Administration identifies 8+ cuts through Attendance Reports and assigns appropriate consequences.


Possible Consequences:

§        Detention

§        Friday School

§        Suspension

§        Possible loss of parking privileges

§        Possible loss of Off-Campus Permits

§        Loss of Privileges – Winter Formal, Dances, Rallies, Prom, Grade level activities.

§        Possible Loss of Extra Curricular Activities i.e. athletics included

§        Possible W/F from class

§        Possible Unsatisfactory ‘U’ in citizenship for quarter/semester



In addition to the above Truancy Policy students who exhibit repeated truancy are subject to be placed in the SARB (School Attendance Review Board) Process by the N-MUSD School District. Outlined below are the steps in the SARB Process:


Step 4:

  • 3 unexcused days or 9 total Class Cuts =  Truant

1.     SARB Letter One (1) Sent to Parents


Step 5:

  • 4 unexcused days or 12 total  Class Cuts =  Repeat Truant

1.  Counselor Initiates site SART (School Attendance Review Team)

2.  SARB Letter Two (2) Sent to Parents


Step 6:

  • 6 unexcused days  or 18 total Class Cuts  = Habitual Truant

1.  CWA (Child Welfare and Attendance) Office Notified and notice of SARB Hearing to Family


Step 7:

  • SARB Hearing

1.     Deliver Necessary Resources to Family

2.     Set – Up Parenting Classes / Mental Health Referral

3.     District Contract

4.     Orange County Probation Notified

5.     Access Referral made to Student Services Director.




Habitual TARDIES

  • Teacher referral to counseling for interventions
  • Referral to Administration for appropriate disciplinary action.


Change in Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Please keep the Attendance Office informed of any change in home, work, and cell phone numbers. This will assist the school if we should need to contact you in the event of an emergency.


Family Vacations

Vacations are not an excused absence from school per the California Education Code. CdM strongly encourages families to make arrangements for vacation when school is not in session.  If a student misses school due to a family vacation, the parent/guardian must make arrangements with the teachers to acquire homework/assignments for the days the student will be absent. Teachers will use discretion to whether a student can make up work for unexcused absences.


 Making Up Work Following an Absence

Students are responsible to make arrangements with the classroom teacher or utilize SchoolLoop for work missed due to an absence.


1. Students shall be allowed to complete all assignment and tests missed during an

    excused absence or while on an independent study contract.

2. Students may be allowed to complete schoolwork missed during an unexcused          

    absence at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

3. Students who miss school due to a suspension may be required to complete any

    assignments or tests missed at the teacher’s discretion.

4. Students who are truant to school forfeit the right to make up assignments and tests.


Homework Requests by Parent

Upon request, the teacher will provide information or make-up work during the student’s

absence. Parents/guardians can request homework from the teachers on behalf of their student who is ill for three or more consecutive days. Many teachers also post class assignments on their website.


Forgery Policy

Forged or altered notes, forged parent signatures on school documents, readmits, call slips, off campus passes, or fraudulent phone calls to the Attendance Office will result in suspension, or other consequences per administrative discretion.


Automatic Dialer

The district automatic dialer program attempts to call home and notify parents of unexcused absences. The automatic dialer is programmed to call the home of any student who has an unverified absence between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Calls are made every day but often parents cannot be reached and messages are left on answering machines or voicemail. Parents are responsible if students pick up messages and fail to pass the message to a parent in a timely fashion. If you feel the absence was in error, please have your student contact the teacher directly or go to the Attendance Office for an attendance printout.


Agreement for Students 18 years of Age

Students who are 18 years old may be allowed to excuse their own absences. A

parent/guardian and the 18 year old student must sign a release form in the

presence of an administrator.


Delivering Message or Personal Items

Since it is our desire to maintain a learning environment that is uninterrupted, the Attendance Office will not deliver items or messages to students in non-emergency situations. Students are responsible for bringing everything they may need at the start of the school day. This includes homework assignments, study materials, uniforms, athletic equipment, and lunches. We do not relay phone messages to students except in the case of an emergency. Please remind the students of doctor and other appointments and transportation arrangements before the student leaves home in the morning. We appreciate your understanding that instructional time should not be interrupted.