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Pep Band

The CdM Pep Band is made up of the combined performers from Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble and Drumline.  While not a marching unit, the Pep Band provides entertainment and support from the stands.  There are no special after school rehearsals for pep band – all preparation is done in class.

The Pep Bands perform at all regular home league games, and at the CIF playoff games as required.

Normal Routine:

5:30 p.m. Students meet at CdM in the music room.  For the Battle of the Bay game, the call time is 5 p.m. – food will be provided

6:00 p.m. All band students board the bus, travel to the game venue and prepare for the game performances. (5:30 p.m. for Battle of the Bay)

7:00 p.m. Normal start time for the games. 

9:30 – 10 p.m.  Normal return time

Students are expected to travel to and from the game venue from CdM via district bus with the rest of the band.  Any special arrangements must be made ahead of time.  

Students must wear the CdM Band polo shirt, with denim or black pants.  As the weather cools down, students should try to wear warm clothing under the shirt. 

Students are expected to stay with the band for the entirety of the game.  Bathroom breaks are to be short – with only one student from each section gone at any one time.

We welcome friends and family members to sit near us during the games, however, we ask that anyone who is not a performing member refrain from sitting amongst the band players.  We also ask that students refrain from allowing non-performing members to play the CdM Band Equipment.

We are not permitted to take CdM students who are not band members with us on the bus, nor can we float free admission to friends or family members to any of the pep band events.

Students are allowed to get food before the game starts, and during the 3rd quarter break.  (15 minutes) 

Students are responsible making sure that their own instrument, flip folders and equipment (lyres, music stands) get transported to the game, and are returned and stored properly in the music room after words.

Students are expected to follow the directions, be ready to play at a moments notice, and generally conduct themselves in a manner that will represent the CdM Band/Drumline Program in a positive way.

This Year, the league home games will be held at Scott Stadium, Estancia High School.  We will be sitting on the ‘home’ side, unless we are playing Newport Harbor High School in their home game, in which case we will be playing on the ‘visitor’ side.  Special circumstances sometimes require games to be played at Bard Stadium at Orange Coast College.  Refer to the schedule for each game.

CIF playoff games may be hosted at any number of locations, usually within a 30 minute drive of CdM