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Hannah Lindt

CdMMS Presents Night at the Movies


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Welcome to Middle School Drama! We are so excited to include you in our Theatre Family!


Room: 607, Blackbox

*student support hours by appointment

Course Related Information

Class-Related Information:
This class uses School Loop and Google Classroom. All assignments posted in Google Classroom will automatically appear on the students' School Loop. All digital assignments (including the critique) that must be accessed via Google Classroom will be marked on School Loop with a "GC". 


Musical Production-Related Information:
Specific information about auditions, cast, crew, for purchasing tickets or making a donation can be found by accessing


Cast & Crew of the MS Musical:
Please go directly to


Teaching Schedule 2018-19


Period 1 Drama 2
Period 2 Drama 2
Period 3 Prep
Period 4 Prep
Period 5 Drama 1
Period 6 Drama 1
Period 7 Drama 1
Period 8 Drama 1


Drama 1 & 2 Locker