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Mr. Hiles

Contact Information

Room #232 (computer lab)

Email: rghiles@nmusd.us

Text message or leave voice mails at: (714) 712-0375 (Google Voice)

Teaching Schedule

Modern World History: Periods 2, 4 6 & 8

Online American Democracy/Economics: Period 9

Course Content

All worksheets, PowerPoints, study guides, etc. are available in the course locker in School Loop.

Student Support Time

Monday (late start), during the regularly scheduled intervention time.

It’s important to remember that a grade is not a Christmas or birthday gift that can simply be exchanged for a different color or a larger size. A grade is also not a measure of how much effort has been expended. There’s no way for a teacher to know how much time and energy someone put into an assignment. Even if there were, tying a grade directly to how “hard” a student worked would mean that someone who easily mastered the material should fail, which makes no sense at all.

A grade is an indicator of achievement, like an Olympian’s medal or a salesperson’s commission. Grades on individual assignments are based on how well they meet the guidelines and grading criteria. I am only available to discuss grades before school, at 6:30am. Understand that I will make a change only if I have made an error in my computations. To do so for any other reason would be unfair and dishonest: unfair because I would be treating one student differently from all the others, and dishonest because I would be recording a grade that had not been earned. That would be roughly the same as an employee padding a timesheet to get paid for more hours than they actually worked. I would hope you would neither violate your conscience by doing such a thing, nor ask me to violate mine by assigning a grade that I know is not a true representation of your work.

Assigning a last-minute, grade-saving assignment to all students would also be unfair. It would diminish the value of previous course work. It would be unplanned extra work for students who are studying for finals. It would create an extra burden for the large number of students who are content with the grade they have earned. And it would unfair to the teacher with a scarcity of valuable time that hadn’t budgeted time to grade them all.

Rock On!

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Robert Hiles Locker

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