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Jacqueline Jecmen


Jacqueline Jecmen Locker

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Theatre classes 2017-2018

Thank you all for your amazing auditions both live and on video. It was a VERY impressive group auditioning and made the decision difficult. Please know if you did not make Drama II or Drama III, you did make Drama I and will be placed in the class automatically. 


We do have spots (very few left) available, so if you have not yet auditioned, please contact me at jjecmen@nmusd.us to submit a video. 


I am SO looking forward to next school year with this stellar group as the new CdM High School Theatre troop! 


Drama II

Defne Agrali

Marc Gildenhuys

David Hagh

Amber Jensen

Ben Lederman

Claire Lewis

Niaz Namdar

Kristina Narinyan

Eliana Oren

Olivia Pompilli

Evan Ramirez

Isabella Ramos

Jennifer Rosales

Olivia Sargent

Arya Samini

Brian Shard

Colin Spruce

Riley Stafford

Chloe Taylor

Seth Trachtman

Jesse Wright

Stephen Weinstock

Katherine Young


Drama III

Phoebe Alva

Alyssa Arbogast

Jaycie Carter

Andres Delgado

Josh Flores

Nick Geoghegan

Sarah Greengard

Tori Gyselaar

Makena Harper

Shalamar Hatefi

Colette Hodgkins

Breanna Linden

Kylie Lockington

Kira Mason

Kiersten Muse

Tristan Neal

Kiki Sawan

Grace Shackelford

Adrienne Simpson

Lucan Stargiotti

Sierra Stoliar

Leyla Rakshani

Violette Remington

Natalie Rose

Mira Wallace 

Brittany Weinstock

Alicia Wilcox

Theatre Class Auditions for 2017-2018


No worries! Contact Mrs. Jecmen at jjecmen@nmusd.us to submit a video to be considered for enrollment. 


Drama II and Drama III Audition information

1. Film a video of yourself performing following the guidelines below. 

  • Drama II/Intermediate Theatre: Must be in 9th grade or higher to enroll. Prepare one monologue of your choice that is 1-2 minutes long. Monologues must be memorized and it is recommended you are dressed professionally.
  • Drama III/Advanced Theatre: Must be in 10th grade or higher to enroll. Prepare two contrasting monologues that total 2 minutes. Monologues must be memorized and it is recommended you are dressed professionally. 

2. Upload the video to your own Google drive account. You may use your own personal account or if you are a CdM student already, you may use the CdM account (Login: StudentID@nmusd.us; password: your unique password given to you to log into computers on campus)


3. Share the video with Mrs. Jecmen! click share on the top righthand corner of the screen and invite Mrs. Jecmen at jjecmen@nmusd.us



Theatre Classes at CdMHS... in a nutshell ;)! 

Drama I: An introduction to Theatre Arts. The class covers basic theatrical terminology and styles. Units include Orienting oneself with a theatrical stage, character analysis, Scene study, Playwriting, Theatre history, Improvisation, and Monologues. This class has open enrollment - anyone in high school can join. 


Drama II: Intermediate Theatre - PAMA Theatre Pathway class. This class focuses on various skill sets needed in Theatre. Units cover skills such as Stage Combat, Theatre History and styles of acting, Musical Theatre, Audition techniques, Working with Dialects, and Playwriting. This class also performs outside of school in two Black Box productions that showcase the talent of the class. Performing is a requirement, but always a much anticipated and fun experience. This class is audition only. Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue of your choice to be considered for enrollment. 


Drama III: Advanced Theatre - PAMA Theatre Pathway class. This class applies all theatrical skills and takes you one step further into exploring various theatre methods and philosophies. Through reading of plays, studying and performing scenes and monologues, actors explore methods and techniques originally formed by Constantine Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Stella Adler, and Uta Hagan. This class also performs outside of school in two Black Box productions that showcase the talent of the class. Performing is a requirement, but always a much anticipated and fun experience. This class is audition only. Prepare two contrasting monologues of your choice that total 2 minutes in length to be considered for enrollment. 



Into The Woods Poster FINAL - disclaimer and ticket info.jpg

Into the Woods Crew


Congratulations to all who came out to interview for crew for Into the Woods. We really look forward to working with all of you. Those whose names are listed below will receive an email shortly with information on next steps. Please watch your email inbox for important information.


Into the Woods Crew Positions


Stage Manager : Sara Marshall

Assistant Stage Manager : Kira Mason

Backstage Manager : Leyla Rakshani

House Management : John Holland and Gabe Katz

Sound Board Operators : Nathan Fallahi and Emma Fellows

Light Board Operator : Phoebe Evans

Follow Spots : Lucy Millman (spot 1) and Evan Ramirez (spot 2)

Property Management : Alex Munro, Kaylee Aguilar, and Danielle Unvert

Grips : Alyssa Arbogast, Nick Geoghegan, Tori Gyselaar, John Kilmer, Wade Mickley, Ashleigh Weinstock, and Stephen Weinstock

Publicity Management : Alexandra King, Jodi Parker, Benjamin Lederman

Hair and Makeup Crew : Kylie Lockington, Adrienne Simpson, Jennifer Rosales, Lidia Jones, and Tamara Barilo

Ushers : Jaikaran Suri and Benjamin Lederman

Into the Woods Cast List

Congratulations to all who auditioned. You truly were a SPECTACULAR group. We wish we could take you all. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us - it made it extremely hard on the panel to decide this final list. Below is the cast list. All cast members will be emailed over the break with instructions regarding the first rehearsal, scripts, etc. Please watch your inbox for an email with this information mid week, next week.


Into the Woods Cast List

The Narrator: Tristan Neal

Cinderella: Makena Harper

Jack: Andres Delgado

The Baker: Matthew Beyrooty

The Baker’s Wife: Annika Quist

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Katie Kim

Florinda, a stepsister: Grace Shackelford

Lucinda, a stepsister: Jaycie Carter

Jack’s Mother: Kiki Sawan

Little Red Riding Hood: Crystal Hernandez

The Witch: Violette Remington

Mysterious Man: Max Remington

Cinderella’s Prince: Blake Weise

Rapunzel: Brittany Weinstock

Rapunzel’s Prince: Joshua Flores

Cinderella’s Mother: Sarah Greengard

The Steward: Seton Fogel

Little Red’s Granny: Phoebe Alva

The Wolf: Xeno Muller

Sleeping Beauty: Aly Miller

Snow White: Brooklyn Gelgand

CdM High School Theatre Auditions 2016-2017

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Theatre Arts Department classes! You all did a phenomenal job and I am really looking forward to such a stellar group of students. If you do not see your name on this list, please come talk to me, I'd be happy to speak with you about your audition and about other opportunities I have for you. If you do see your name on this list, you will automatically be enrolled in the respective class you are under. If you did not make it to auditions, come see me, Mrs. Jecmen, in room 617 and set up an appointment. There are still spots available in both classes! Again, congratulations to the classes and I look forward to seeing you all in class next year! 



Phoebe Alva 

Alyssa Arbogast

Olivia Blackburn 

Nick Breslin

Jaycie Carter

Chris DeVere 

Megan Fisk

Ashlynn Forman

Josh Flores

Nick Geoghegan

Tori Gyselaar 

Makena Harper 

Colette Hodgkins

Jadyn Horin 

Elena Kelly

Benjamin Lederman

Kira Mason 

Dylan McCarthy 

Samantha Pierotti

Tyler Rain

Evan Ramirez 

Leyla Rakshani

Jennifer Rosales

Jennifer Stephens 

Sierra Stoliar 

James Vrebalovich 

Kody Wells 



Matthew Beyrooty

Andres Delgado

Sarah Greengard

Shalamar Hatefi 

Fallon James

Breanna Linden

Kylie Lockington

Kiersten Muse

Tristan Neal

Ally King

Violette Remington

Natalie Rose

Kiki Sawan

Grace Shakleford 

Adrienne Simpson

Mara Smith

Lucan Stargiotti 

Mira Wallace

Blake Weise



Grease Schedule

Click below to access the rehearsal and show calendar: 


Grease Crew List

Thank you to everyone who came out to interview to be on crew for Grease! I wish there were enough spots for everyone, but unfortunately there are only so many positions. Please come by at break tomorrow to accept your role and pick up a crew packet. Packets will not be ready until break, so please come by then or after school. I SO look forward to working with all of you and creating an amazing production! :)! 


Stage Manager: Sarah Marshall

Backstage Manager: Candace McKeag

Assistant Stage Manager: Alex Munro

Grips: Haley Cohen, Chris Rybus, Kylie Lockington, Michelle Percival, Kaitlin Lockington, Kaylee Aguilar

House Management: Daniel Ginsberg and Albert Szabo

Ushers: Tomas Fabregas, Elsa Van Cleve, Georgia Jeter

Dramaturg: Kody Wells

Light Board Operator: Jennifer Stephens

Follow Spot: Alaynur Al-Azani, George Langford

Property Management: Laetitia Giannoni, Brenna Roberts, Rockie Johnson, Breanna Linden

Publicity Manager: Claire Holland
Publicity Crew: Forbes Painter, Brooklyn McDonald

Sound Designers/Operators: Nathan Fallahi and Nicholas Gildenhuys

Costume Crew: Shalamar Hatefi, Cristina Mandia, Jessica Nichols, Evan Ramirez

Hair Lead: Kendall Cameron-Petersen
Hair Crew: Phoebe Evans, Karina Minkus, Jennifer Rosales

Make up Lead: Renata Ingerson
Make up Crew: Jade VanWaardenburg, Andres Delgado, Jessica Narinyan 

Grease Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of Grease! Please come to Mrs. Jecmen's room to officially accept your role by picking up a cast registration packet. These will be ready on Tuesday, December 8th. There will be a mandatory parent meeting for all cast and crew (yet to be determined) on December 16th (this date is tentative due to holiday concerts, etc). Please make sure your parents are aware of this date. Further details will be noted on the packet. 


Thank you for auditioning and sharing your talent. I know this is going to be a wonderful show. 


Principal Roles - Girls

Sandy: Crystal Hernandez

Rizzo: Emily Delgado

Frenchy: Emily Arenal 

Marty: Gianna Schott

Jan: Melisa Ulkumen 

Patty: Fallon James

Teen Angel: Dana Kadifa

Cha-cha: Caitlin Cobb

Miss Lynch: Aryna Armand

Blanche: TBD

Pink Ladies: Violette Remington, Bailey Petracek, Lauren Castleton, Tyler Rain, Sydney Cohen, Dana Kadifa

Rydell High School Cheerleaders:

Alyssa Arbogast

Kira Mason

Claire Lewis

Rydell High School Girls:

Emilie Guthrie

Grace Shakelford

Mara Smith

Jenna Mosich

Leyla Rakshani

Mira Wallace

Phoebe Alva

Natalie Rose

Tori Gyselaar

Jaycie Carter

Avalan Baltera

Kiki Sawan

Kate Tobiason

Makena Harper

Sarah Greengard

Brittany Weinstock


Principal Roles - Boys

Danny: Blake Weise

Kenickie: Mason Amdor

Doody: Andres Delgado

Roger: Matt Beyrooty

Sonny: Max Peterson

Older Eugene: Arthur Pescan

Younger Eugene: Lucan Stargiotti

Vince Fontaine: Tristan Neal

Johnny Casino: Max Remington

Burger Palace Boys: Max Remington and Joshua Flores

Rydell High School Boys

Nicky Sandoz

Chris DeVere

Mark Nibeel

Dylan McCarthy

Xeno Muller

Arthur Pescan

Tristan Neal 




Almost, Maine Cast and Crew List

Almost, Maine
Intermediate/Advanced CdM Theatre Production


Stage Manager:  Melisa Ulkumen

Assistant Stage Manager: Laetitia Giannoni 

Grips/Stagehands: Taylor Tasu, Natalie Rose, and Emily Arenal 

Costume Crew: Violette Remington, Leyla Rakshani, and Colette Hodgkins

House Manager: Kiersten Muse

Usher: Lucan Stargiotti 

Light Board Operator: Shalamar Hatefi

Light Design/Crew: Sarah Marshall and Jack Larkin

Property Managers: Laetitia Giannoni, Kate Tobiason and Chris Jung 

Publicity Crew: Angeliki Harris, Jade Horin and Jack Larkin 

Sound Designers/Operators: Alex King and Alaynur Al-Azani 

Makeup/Hair:  Kendall Cameron-Petersen, Caitlin Cobb, and Mira Wallace 


Prologue/Interlogue/Epilogue directed by Mrs. Jecmen

Pete: Nick Geoghegan

Ginette: Adrienne Simpson


Her Heart directed by Max Remington

East: Matt Beyrooty

Glory: Fallon James


Sad and Glad directed by Dana Kadifa

Jimmy: Mason Amdor

Sandrine: Kylie Lockington

Waitress: Sarah Greengard


This Hurts directed by Dana Kadifa

Marvalyn: Grace Shakelford

Steve : Shaine Corwin


Getting it back directed by Max Remington

Gayle: Bailey Petracek

Lendall: Max Peterson


They Fell by Max Peterson

Randy: Tristan Neal

Chad: Tomas Fabregas


Where it went directed by Max Peterson

Phil: Evan Ramirez

Marci: Mara Smith


Story of Hope directed by Bailey Petracek

Hope: Breanna Linden

Daniel: Max Remington


Seeing the thing directed by Mrs. Jecmen

Rhonda: Emily Delgado

Dave: Blake Weise

Come see our 2015 fall play!!!

Tickets on sale NOW!! www.bapaco.org

Welcome, Cast and Writers of RANDOM!!

Random 2015/2016 Cast

Leo Alves 
Avalon Baltera
Miles Evans
Tomas Fabrigas
Fallon James
Ally King
Jack Larkin
Niaz Namadar
Tristen Neal
Arthur Pescan
Bailey Petracek
Lucan Stargiotti
Zara Schuster


Blake Weise
Emily Delgado
Claire Holland
Jacob Ayers
Carl Alford

Crew List - YCTIWY

Thank you all students who came out to interview for crew for the fall play! I am very pleased with all who came out to interview, and know it will be a very strong team.

Please know that tomorrow, Friday, at 3pm is our first rehearsal. We are doing a read through of the play. The reason you are all called to this rehearsal is so you can start coming up with designs and ideas for your respective position. And if you are not a designer, you are still aware of what the show is about! Please come to my room, 617 at 3pm and we will start right away.

Thank you so much for applying and I look forward to create another incredible production at CdM with you!

Stage Manager: Bailey Petracek

Backstage Manager: Emily Delgado

Assistant Stage Manager: Sean Olsen

Grips/Stagehands/Setbuilders: Christian Graham, Alex Munro, Breanna Linden, Mira Wallace

Back-up grips: Evan Ramirez and Zach Booth

Costume Crew: Violette Remington and Sarah Greengard

House Manager: Daniel Ginsberg

House Management team: Mira Wallace, Kiersten Muse, Nick Geoghegan

Light Board Operator: Megan Fisk

Propery Manager: Brenna Roberts (Alex Munro will be helping construct prop)

Hair/Make Up Team: Renata Ingerson and Kendall Cameron-Petersen (Co-Managers), Andres Delgado, Mara Smith, Caitlin Cobb

Publicity Team: Melisa Ulkumen (Manager) and Alyanur Alazani

Sound Design Team: Morgan Morgan and Nick Gildenhuys




Cast List - YCTIWY

Thank you to everyone who came out to callbacks today. I so appreciate your willingness to give it your all and be vulnerable in front of myself and your peers.

On the other hand, I know this announcement will be hard on some of you, so please know that I am more than happy to chat with you to give feedback on your audition and callback.

Congratulations to the cast and I am pleased to have you in this year's fall play. The first rehearsal will be this Friday at 3pm. Please meet in my room at 3pm on Friday to officially accept your role in this production. We will be handing out scripts and doing a read through with the crew involved as well. 

Cast List in no particular order:

Penelope Sycamore: Claire Holland

Grand Duchess Olga Katrina: Kendall Cameron-Petersen

Miriam Kirby: Dana Kadifa

Gay Wellington: Fallon James

Rheba: Melisa Ulkumen

Essie Carmichael: Emily Arenal

Alice Sycamore: Ally King


Paul Sycamore: Tomas Fabregas

Ed Carmichael: Maxwell Remington

Boris Kolenkov: Blake Weise

Mr. Anthony Kirby: Arthur Pescan

Donald: Matt Beyrooty

Mr. De Pinna: Lucan Stargiotti

Wilbur C. Henderson/G-Man 1: Tristan Neal

G-Man 2: to be decided

G-Man 3: Ronny Mahaney

Tony Kirby: Max Peterson

Grandpa/Martin Vanderhof: Mason Amdor


You Can't Take It with You Crew Information

For anyone who is interested in interviewing for crew, please review all information below. Be sure ALL dates works with your schedule, Read each crew position you are interested in, decide which you prefer, sign up for an interview, and be sure to bring a completed application with you. Please let Mrs. Jecmen know if you have any questions in the meantime. 

YCTIWY Audition Sign Ups

Audition sign ups for You Can't Take It with You 

For anyone who is interested in auditioning to perform, please review all information below. Be sure ALL dates works with your schedule, sign up for an interview, and be sure to bring a completed audition packet with you. Please let Mrs. Jecmen know if you have any questions in the meantime. 

Audition sign ups are open 9/10 at 3:30pm and will close 9/14 at 8pm

  Casting Call! 

7th – 12th grade students


MANDATORY MEETING FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN AUDITIONING TO PERFORM OR WORK CREW: Sept 10th at 3pm in the lecture hall (300 building –door opens to high school quad)

Auditions(signups will be at the above mentioned meeting): Sept 15th 

Callbacks: Sept 16th and Sept 17th

Please note: if you would like to start preparing for auditions now, you may begin to prepare a contemporary comedic monologue 45 sec-90sec in length (must be memorized)


<< >>

Alice in Wonderland Cast List

Congratulations to everyone in this class! You are all so talented and I am thrilled about all of you performing in this show together. Please check schoolloop to access the song recordings. It will help to familiarize yourself with your roles and songs. 



In order of appearance...


Alice: Jaycie Carter

Narrator/Dinah: Amber Jensen

White Rabbit: Seth Trachtman

Rose: Tori Gyselaar

Cornflower: Katie Michelson

Daisy: Alizay Akmal

Tiger Lily: Claire Lewis

Tulip: Chloe Gebelin

Violet: Bella Ramos

Flowers: Quincy de Marigny, Jana El Nashar, Nikita Fontaine, Ciara Greenman, Maggie Morton, Lesly Vega

Dodo: Jessica Treska

Eaglet: Megan Fisk

Duck: Niaz Namdar

Lory: Hunter Schimmelpfennig

French Mouse: Sam Khachiyan

Birds: Tatiana Herbst, Jorge Rincon-Gallardo

Catepiller/Butterfly: Avalon Baltera

Cheshire Cat: Aleila Contreras

Mad Hatter: Jesse Wright

March Hare: Aiden Habeck

Dormouse: Katherine Young

Tweedle Dee: Bella Pouliot

Tweedle Dum: Alexa Conti

Ace of Clubs: Max Berndt
Two of Clubs: Oliva Blackburn

Three of Clubs: Will Hamel

Cards: Riley Evans, Spencer Fanticola, Madison Lobel, Melisa MacKenzie, Sabrina Montaseri, Jennifer Stephens, Miles Evans

Knave: Hayden Brown

King: Chris DeVere

Queen: Shelby Glabman





A Christmas Carol Cast List





Below is the cast list. Please notice there are some roles that are to be determined and some that need to be further defined. I will get to them later. 


ALL cast members are required to attend the first rehearsal this Friday, which will be the read thru rehearsal. You will receive your scripts, registration packets, and a rehearsal schedule. Please do not ask for these ahead of time unless it is an immediate need - they will not be ready before Friday. If you have an excused absence this Frida that you already discussed with me, please come see me ahead of time so I can fill you in. I look forward to getting these wonderful and talented cast together this Friday! 




Chorus: specific cast members will be assigned chorus parts. These are speaking roles and an integral part of the story. 

Carolers: There will be an opportunity to be part of the carolers lead by Brittany Weinstock. We will discuss this further on Friday. 



Blake Weise

Bob Cratchit

Matt Beyrooty


Andres Delgado

Portly Gentlewomen

Adrienne Simpson and Alyssa Arbogast

Prosperous Woman

Adrienne Simpson

Tiny Tim

Kayla Arbogast  

Jacob Marley’s Ghost

Max Remington

Mrs. Cratchit

Breanna Linden

Peter Cratchit

Stephen Weinstock

Belinda Cratchit

Makena Harper

Martha Cratchit

Kiki Sawan

Cratchit children

Ashleigh Weinstock and Alex Nouanna

Spirit of Christmas Past

Grace Shakelford

Child Scrooge

Not yet casted

Ali Baba

Josh Flores



Robinson Crusoe

Not yet casted

Man Friday

Lucan Stargiotti

Sinbad the Sailor

Not yet casted

Young Scrooge

Tristan Neal


Xeno Muller


Sierra Stoliar


Evan Ramirez

Dick Wilkins

Josh Flores

Mrs. Fezziwig

Sarah Greengard

Fezziwig sisters

Shalamar Hatefi, Tori Gyselaar, and Alyssa Arbogast


Kylie Lockington

Belle’s Husband

Not yet casted

Belle’s daughter

Kira Mason

Belle’s daughter’s children

Taylor Gyselaar and Claire Lewis

The Spirit of Christmas Present

Phoebe Alva

Fred’s Wife

Jaycie Carter 

Miss Rosie

Violette Remington


Xeno Muller

Guests at Fred’s Party

(specific roles tba)

Leyla Rakshani, Brenna Roberts, Jennifer Rosales, Kody Wells, Lucie Courtois


Fallon James  


Not yet casted


Not yet casted

The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come

Evan Ramirez

First Businesswoman

Brittany Weinstock

Second Businessman

Benjamin Leiderman

Third Businesswoman

Leyla Rakshani

Fourth Businesswoman

Tori Gyselaar

First Important Woman

Jennifer Stephens

Second Important Woman

Jodi Parker

Man on Scrooge’s Corner of the Exchange

Not yet casted 

Old Joe

Lucan Stargiotti


Aly King

Mrs. Dilber

Mira Wallace

An Undertaker’s Man

Max Remington  

Boy in Sunday Clothes

Claire Lewis

Poulterer’s Man

Kody Wells

Backstage and Performing Artists Company

Get involved with CdM theatre department by donating, volunteering or coming to see one of our outstanding productions! Check out www.bapaco.org for all these opportunities and more!

Ticket sales for all our productions are now sold on this site!

Corona del Mar Theatre Arts

Corona del Mar Theatre Arts


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