Corona del Mar High School Home

Meet your Board Members:

President:  Paige Nelson & Brooklen Gelgand

Vice President : Natalia Bruening

Secretary: Ben Lederman

Buddy Coordinator: Zoee Alexandre

Music Chairman: Blake Kormos & Joselyn Simaan

 Activities Chairman: George Adamson & Zachary Graber

Attendance Chairman: Carli Cuthbertson & Abigail Klein

Faculty Advisor: 

Mrs. Owney

Mrs. Booker

Special Education Advisor:

Mrs. Nieto

Sea King Peers

Are you interested in becoming a member of Sea King Peers (formerly Best Buddies)?  Look for us during Club Rush in October!! 

Meet Thurs. in the Small Gym

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Past Presidents

2001-2002: Lauren Kizer

2002-2003: Lauren Kizer

2003-2004: Shannon McMenoy

2004-2005: Corianne Leyton

2006-2007: Travis Leyton

 2007-2008: Ricky Townsend

2009-2010: Bridget Beauchamp

2010-2011: Courtney Davidson

2011-2012: Michael Keasey & Connor Maloney

2012-2013: Chase McElroy & Olivia Dajee

2013-2014: Charlie Griffin

2014 - 2015: Tori English & Paige Nelson