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I would argue that the skills of deep reading and deep writing can be taught to anyone.  The caveat is that you must be, not necessarily enamored of these activities, but simply willing to engage in them.  You must open to the possibility that you may enjoy them more than you expect, but also to the possibility that you may not.  You need to be prepared to keep stabbing away at them even if you find them difficult, boring, or even infuriating, in the hope that you will get better, and with the faith that you will learn something.

– Siobhan Curious

Classroom as Microcosm

If you like facebook quizzes, try these!

The University of Bristol, England has a bunch of self-test grammar exercises .  No pressure, no grade, just honest self-tests for you at home.  Really good for those of you who meed refreshers (or new lessons) in grammar and mechanics that we only touch on in class.

AP Test Section II: What it will look like!

Click here to see the format of the test pages.

AP Eng Lit and Comp

SPRP WC LIst QuickGuide

If you've lost all your packets, and internet access, this is for you.

The Following Information Came From Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL):

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/researc ...more


Socratic Seminar 2016-17



Print the Soc Sem Packet from our locker.  Bring it, your prep work, and your text to any seminar we have, no matter the length.

  • There is always prep work.
  • Prep work will involve writing, and will be scored.  Take care and thought with it:  write in paragraphs, always use text.  That will make seminars richer.  Type it or write in pen.
  • There will always be reflections:  honest, accurate, and complete ones.  They may be graded as well. 

PREPWORK AND REFLECTIONS are the most tangible evidence of your efforts, and the primary source of your score. 


REFLECTIONS:  Type or write in pen; format as paragraphs.

  • WHAT DID I LEARN?  Be specific.  What ideas intrigued you, enraged you, engaged you?  Address content-specific insights that you connected with.   

I MISSED SEMINAR...WHAT DO I DO?    Attach your completed prepwork to your absence email as a place holder.  Turn in the hard copy with the make up work the following day.  Check with me, or here on the web on the day of seminar, for specific make-up prompts.  If you miss Soc Sem, you can't write a reflection

I submitted it to Turnitin.com late. What do I do?

You email me that you've submitted it so that I don't have to check Turnitin.com every day in the hopes that you've followed instructions.

AP Eng Lit and Comp Site Locker

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