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Graduation/UC/CSU Requirements

Courses Graduation Requirements UC Requirements CSU Requirements
English 40 credits (4 years) 7 of 15 courses must be taken in grades 11 & 12, 4 years of college prep English, Same as for UC
Math 20 credits (2 years) Algebra 1 and Geometry 3 years required; 4 recommended of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, etc. Algebra may be taken in grade 8. Must have Same as for UC
Applied Skills 5 credits - may be waived by third year of science/math
Science 20 credits (2 years) 2 years lab science required; 3 recommended of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc. to include biological and physical science. Must have Same as for UC
Humanities or Foriegn Language 10 credits - Humanties includes drama, music, art or speech 2 years study in one foreign language required; 3 recommended. One year may be taken in grade 8. Must have Same as for UC
Social Studies 30 credits - World Hist./Geog., U.S. History, Economics, American Democracy 2 years required; one year US History (or 1/2 year of Amer. Democracy & 1/2 year of US History) and one year of World History. Must have Same as for UC
Visual & Performing Arts 10 credits of dance, drama, music, art, ceramics. Must be one year-long class. Must have Same as for UC
Health 5 credits
Electives 80 credits 10 credits (Year of academic courses in any of the above areas) Must have
Tests CAHSEE: CAlifornia High School exit exam. (Math & English) SAT or ACT and SAT II: Any two subject tests. SAT or ACT (will take highest SAT verbal/math from two sittings)
GPA 9-12 (no PE) 10th /11th A-G course work Same as for UC
Community Service 40 hours (5 hours per semester of attendance at CDMHS)
Technology Requirements Graducation Requirement Only! Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and internet and email. Some classes on students' regular course schedules satisfy some of these requirements through their curriculum. In the event that some requirements go un-checked, seniors will be asked to take a brief proficiency test to satisfy the requirement.
PE 20 credits (2 years)

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