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AP Literature 2016-17

All students interested in Advanced Placement Senior English for 2016-17 must attend TWO mandatory meetings:

1 Informational Meeting: 20 minutes, 6 opportunities    

Monday, February 22nd:  8:15 (Intervention), lunch, and 3:15

Friday, February 26th:  7:20, lunch, and 3:15

1 Writing Sample: 35-40 minutes, 6 opportunities          

Monday, February 29th:  8:15 (Intervention), lunch, and 3:15

Wednesday, March 2nd:  7:15, lunch, and 3:15

  • At informational meetings, students can crowd in and sit on the floor.  When sitting the writing sample, I can only seat as many people as I have desks; students should plan accordingly.

About this site

Welcome to my School Loop website.  General information that goes out to both classes, or to anyone who visits my site, will be here on this main page.

While there is a calendar on SchoolLoop, you will probably only see due dates that also appear in the gradebook.  I usually write my own calendars, and email those home when they update.

The  'Issues of Interest' page includes links to contests, articles, and quotations about reading and writing.  Please visit!  Bookmark this site and make it a favorite (even though I'm sure you have other sites you prefer)!


Erin Topping


Library Information

A reminder about our Library services:

Hours: Monday- Thursday 7:30-3:40 and Friday 7:30-3pm

If the class is not scheduled for the library, students are permitted by the teacher to come in up to five at a time, with a PINK HALL PASS (if students do not have a PINK HALL PASS they will be sent back to class to get it NO EXCEPTIONS and NO SUBSITUTIONS.)

Book Checkout and EB testing is the LAST 10 minutes of EVERY period unless other arrangements have been made with library staff.

Computer Usage: The library has 36 computers for student use (8 Macs and 28 PC's), but most computer work should be done in the drop -in labs (Rm 232 and 310).  The library DOES NOT have access to computer login information; for student login information, see Mrs. Smith in the computer lab.

Student textbook distribution is also the LAST 10 minutes of every class period with their class schedule and current ASB card- NO EXCEPTIONS. We have a textbook lost and found for students who have lost their textsbooks or we can give them their barcode number to help them find it. 

Coming Outside of Class Time: Students may come in on their own time before school, break, lunch, and after school Monday-Thursday

Reasearch: The library subscribes to 5 different databases spanning a wide range of topics for every disciple.  Please see Amy Cummins if you would like to integrate those into your curriculum and research projects or if you would like additional support with your teaching!

Additional information like our EB Book List, EB deadlines, database links, textbook policy, and other helpful information can be found on our web page Please see Amy Cummins in the library if you need help or for clarification on our services.



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