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The District does not have health insurance on your student. You must supply your own! (click on this for District policy )

One option is Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co., Inc .

who has been offering student accident and health insurance for generations

They are located at: 26101 Marguerita Parkway, Mission Viejo

949/348-0656 or 800/827-4695

Forms are currently available in the Athletic Office as well.

If you have questions regarding this coverage, please call THEM!

City and County Sports Activities

CIF - California Interscholastic Federation, Southern Section

is our governing body for all sports.  If you have a question regarding sports, feel free to check their website:


High School Athletics

2014-15 Athletes in Action!

Reminder to all incoming high school athletes:

In order to play at sport at CdM, you will need an Athletic Clearance Packet-- new for each year (this is a link, click on it for the form)   (This is also known as the physical form... same thing!)  

2014-15 Athletic Clearance Packet     (ACP - only the last two pages need to be printed and turned in)

PLEASE TURN IN TO THE ATHLETIC OFFICE ONLY TO BE SURE TO RECEIVE PROPER CREDIT! (Do NOT turn it in to your coach -- they will receive a copy of it and you may want to keep a copy of it too, for your home files).

We recommend you turn this in in June, as it is good for the next entire school year.

Options to get your physical include, but are not limited to:  


2075 San Joaquin Hills Road, NB



1000 N. Bristol, Suite 1B

Newport Beach

949/752-6300 Call for information


360 San Miguel Drive, Suite 107

Newport Beach, CA



2507 Eastbluff Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Of course, your own personal physician is ALWAYS your option!

CIF Victory with Honor

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Contact our Office Staff:

General Line: 949/515-6008, Athletic Secretary, Rikki Cox,

Athletic Director:  949/515-6058, Don

Fax: 949/515-6073

Office Hours are 7:30am-4:00pm daily.  Closed between 11:30-12:30 for lunch and closed all regular school holidays.


General Email Disclaimer:  If you know a coach to be a walkon (not a teacher at CdM), please do not use loop mail to contact them as this is for grading purposes only; they do not have access.  Thanks.


Head Coaches' Emails        


Participation in CdMHS Athletics

Important NMUSD Athletic Information

Financial Obligations

All extra-curricular activities (including athletics) within NMUSD operate free of charge to all of our students.  While donations or contributions may be requested, there is no connection to a student’s ability to participate and their ability/willingness to contribute financially.


Additionally, all NMUSD athletic teams operate with the understanding that selection will be based solely on demonstrated performance and not due to any outside affiliations (e.g. Club Teams) nor participation in off-season voluntary fee based athletic camps.

For more information, please click here...

CIF-SS Academic Awards

Teams Results

Here are a few sites you can check for results and news on our athletic teams:

All Sports:  and

Some specific sports:

Track results:

And our own awesome website, check out this link:

7-8 Sports Information: