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100% Club Winners for March!

100% Club Winners

Riley Watson

Elizaveta Ianovskaia

Jarod Macalisang

Matt Hanna

Arman Roshannai

Braden Conti

Bridgid Kennelly

Jake Hamilton

Chloe Liu

Tiana Le

January Winners for the 100% Club drawing!

Maya Paul

Prescott Campbell

Katharine Caston

Collette Wang

Aden Mina

Jaya Tewari

Ashley Trester

Abby Siegel

Amanda Calhoun

Lily Black


Karim Kaylani

Aria Taghavi

Daniela Velez

Marialaura Freire

Hannah Salisbury

Ty Thabit

Sean MacNeil

Mara Smith

Nicholas Rottler

Brigid Kennelly

Emma Peard

Chris Smith

Charlie Zhang

William Tetteh-Martey

Ellery Amdor

Liam Ganion

Sasha Radovanovic

Mark Redman

Glen Linden

Hannah Hawkins

Duke Hoey

Jaida Morgan


September 2014 Most Inspirational Students of the Month!

William O’Sullivan

Hailey Glenn

Sofia Raab

Ellie Gehl

Tate Jackson

Tatiana Bruening

Takuya Inoue

Joey Cianfrani

Emily Eckert

Taylor Cooper

Kaylee Aquilar

Emma Wang

Nolan Dunn

Payton Thompson

Phoebe Alva

Glen Linder

Hanah Greengard

Quinten DeVeirman

Ava Toranji

Brittany Weinstock

Abby Leonard

Alice Warden

Rachel Adelsberg

Megan Chelf

Michelle Percival

Franz Froehlich

Boris Alexandrov

Lucie Courtois

Ethan Kharrazi

Greg Gorman

Kira Mason

Kathryn Langley

Riley Harrison

Mason Gecowets

Renaissance Events


This year Corona del Mar Middle School will be continuing our academic and character education program. It is known as the Josten's Renaissance program. Renaissance was started by Larry Biddle in Conway, South Carolina in 1987. Today, over 4,300 schools nationwide are Renaissance schools. Corona del Mar will be one of the first schools in Orange County with a Renaissance program.

  • Renaissance inspires the acceptance and excitement for academics that's traditionally reserved for athletics. Through Renaissance, Jostens aims to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm, and to raise the level of community participation in schools. All students and teachers are encouraged to participate in Renaissance to help improve academic performance. Students benefit from the program because it raises the profile of academics and makes it cool to do well in school. Teachers often cite Renaissance as the source of renewed enthusiasm about their profession.
  • Corona del Mar Middle School Renaissance will celebrate academic achievement, good character, leadership, participation by recognizing rewarding students, staffulty, parents, community in sharing the passion for excellence in education. Corona del Mar Middle SchoolRenaissance transforms recognition from a few top students to all students. Renaissance is the first and only national education-focused program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students from elementary school through college.Renaissance also encourages the involvement of parents and local businesses. In fact, many of the awards given to students to recognize their academic achievements come from local businesses, including discounts on goods and services.
  • The students are recognized for academics, attendance, behavior, citizenship, and self-improvement through a process known asthe 4 R's of Renaissance: recognition, respect, reinforcement, and reward. Renaissance takes the incentive program from business and ties it to education. Renaissance is an ATTITUDE that is contagious! It empowers students, educators, administrators, parents, businesses, and community organizations to work together to encourage student achievement, celebrate success, and increase community involvement in our schools.
  • Renaissance schools establish goals, develop strategies and plans, identify tools, and track results of their progress. The great things happening in our schools today are the communities’ best kept secret. Schools are the biggest and most important business in town – Kids are 24% of the population and 100% of our future.
  • Corona del Mar Middle School Renaissance promotes academic and citizenship success through many forms of recognition such as academic pep rallies, reward card system, achievement postcards to parents, and many more! Our Renaissance Achievement Card system will provide qualifying students with even more rewards! Three achievement levels have been established and three color-coded cards will be distributed to the students.
  • The levels are as follows:
  • Gold Level: 4.0 GPA with all O's and/or S's for citizenship marks
  • Silver Level: 3.9 to 3.5 GPA with all O's and/or S's for citizenship marks
  • Blue Level: 3.49 to 3.0 GPA with all O's and/or S's for citizenship marks
  • Green Level: .5 GPA increase with all O's and/or S's for citizenship marks
  • These qualifications have been established for the current semester, but may be revised at a later time.

Most Inspirational Student of the Month of September 2014