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Mr. Middleton

CDM Middle School Girls Soccer Rosters

7th Grade Girls Soccer Roster

Jorden Allen
Katharine Caston
Karli  Davis
Gianna Finear
Libby Gessford
Hannah Hawkins
Izzy Holton
Natalie Hueston
Alexis Kelly
Bridgid Kennelly
Dylan Matesky
Alyssa Mckenzie
Emily Mickelsen
Hannah Mohasesi
Sara Neiger
Juliette Puchner
Karly Recker


8th Grade Girls Soccer Roster

Julianne Bartz
Hallie Bloom
Caroline  Casey
Sami Colleran
Miranda Cyr
Emily Faludy
Libby Fitch
Alexia Gonzalez
Nicole Harr
Parker Hoffman
Elizabeth Lamie
Ava Mackenzie
Ashley Maloney
Mekenzie Murphy
Aya Prow
Emery Rolfes
Maddie Tumbarello

Spring 2014: Online Health Orientation Information!

Welcome to Online Health

Instructor: Mr. Middleton


To All:

We hope you are excited about taking an online class this semester. Before you start, however, you must attend a mandatory orientation meeting.  You will be dropped immediately from the class if you fail to show to your orientation on your assigned orientation date and time.  On Monday 2-10-14 there are no athletic activities and or other school functions so this is the perfect date and time to hold the orientations.


Bring all your required forms signed!  Bring a pen!  You are required to stay for the entire orientation.  All Forms can be found on my school loop website in my locker and are attached to this email.


Orientation information


Orientation Location for Online Health:  CDMHS Room 301


Orientation Date: Monday 2-10-14


Orientation (1) Time: 5:00—6:00  PM    Last Name:  Aboubakare-----Keener


Orientation (2) Time: 6:15—7:15 PM    Last Name:   Kelter-------Zhu


Once again, you will be dropped immediately from the class if you fail to show to your orientation on your assigned date.


Contact Information:


Required Signatures due at the orientation:  See Attachments


1.  Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Form

2.  Online Health Syllabus and Pacing Plan Form (Please keep the actual syllabus and pacing plan)


Passive Consent Form

1.     Parent Permission Form: If you turn in this form, you will have alternative assignments.


Thank you,

Mr. Middleton

Bryan Middleton Locker

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Virtual Back to School Night

Welcome to virtual back to school night.

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Once you access each individual webpage please view the Month Calender, Course Notes and Locker Downloads!

If you have, any questions send me an email!